Thursday, December 11, 2008

Athens youths attacked journalists NTV.

   In Athens, about 50 drunken teenagers attacked a camera crew in Paris offices of Russian television channel NTV, reported on 10 December RIA Novosti.
On the night of December 10 youths tried to forcibly drag film crew members on the territory of the Polytechnic Institute. Under local law, the territory of the institution has no right to call the police, so journalists have teenagers resistance. As a result of mix-TV correspondent Vadim Glusker injured person, and the operator Eugenia Kovalev hit on the head.
Young journalists left alone as the only realized that they were Russians. The attackers returned the staff NTV deprivation chamber, previously located in destroying the tape with stories of street riots. In doing so, according to the agency, they shouted: "Russian - our friends and brothers forever."
Riots in Athens and other Greek cities began Dec. 6, after police attacked a patrol killed a teenager Athens (according to preliminary data, the bullet hit the boy rebound). Pogroms satisfied students and anarchists. They have been involved in clashes with police and set fire to buildings and cars. Greek opposition called on the Government to respond to disturbances retirement. The Prime Minister of Greece Costas Karamanlis, in turn, called the protesters "enemies of democracy."
So far, according to the Russian diplomatic mission in Athens, none of the citizens of Russia not affected by the riots.

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