Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Black eye did not prevent Press Secretary Bush to go to work.

KommentariiIraksky potseluy15.12.2008Zhurnalist TV channel Al-Baghdadi "Kinula in George Bush's boots
Tuesday, December 16, press secretary Dana Perino White House commented on the Baghdad incident metaniem shoes in the George W. Bush, said France Presse.
Recall of last Sunday in Baghdad, an Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaydi threw in the American President, speaking at a press conference, his boots shouting: "This is a kiss goodbye, dog!" Bush managed to escape, and Dana Perino formed in the mix was hit in the face with a microphone. Muntazer al-Zaydi was immediately arrested. His brother later said that journalists in detention broken ribs and damaged his eyes.
Dana Perino stressed at a briefing that Bush "does not obidelsya" for Iraqi journalists. Moreover, the representative of the White House welcomed the work of the Presidential Security Service during a visit to Iraq, which many observers accused of slowness. According to Perino, Bush is never exposed. "It was just the shoes" - she added.
Speaking on the punishment for Muntazera al-Zaydi, Dana Perino stressed that "Iraq - is a sovereign democratic state, and country authorities themselves decide how to proceed with the journalist." Previously, it was reported that Muntazeru al-Zaydi faces up to seven and a half years' imprisonment.
In turn, correspondent for the British edition of Times said that at a briefing at the White House Dana Perino looked so "if returned to war.

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