Friday, December 12, 2008

Greek journalists demanded to protect them from the rioters.

Greek journalists appealed to the authorities with a request to protect them from attacks during the riots that engulfed Greece in early December, RIA Novosti.
In a statement issued on 11 December, the association of journalists region Macedonia-Thrace, attacks on media representatives during riots regarded as an action directed against freedom of the press. Journalists, the statement stresses, not poddadutsya attempts at intimidation and would continue to cover events objectively.
The reason for treatment was a massacre in the newspaper "Macedonia" in Thessaloniki - the leading publication of Northern Greece. A group of young people, whose face masks were closed on Thursday evening, broke into the job in Thessaloniki, where new edition of "Macedonia" is hosted radio. They smashed the glass isportili equipment and office equipment, and destroyed documents.
C 6 December, when Greece started the anti-shares, overgrown in turmoil, journalists at the scene, has repeatedly been attacked by the demonstrators. Among the victims of the riots and two Russian TV - Russia and NTV, the crews are attacked in Athens.

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