Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spectators "2x2" after the battle kurantov hear a White dragonfly love. "

In the New Year night television" 2x2 "immediately after the battle kurantov show concert with the avant-garde composer Nicholas Voronova, proslavivshegosya in RuNet his song" White dragonfly love. " This RIA Novosti.
Especially for TV viewers Nikolay Voronov performed five songs from their debut album: "SMS with the word farewell," Barrikadnaya "," Rock 'n' roll Foreva "," Dancing "and, of course, the song" Dragonfly ", which is a talented musician wrote 10 years of age.
In addition, as part of the New Year concert will be a statement tamer cats Vladimir Krasnolozhkina. Previously, he worked in the theater cats Yuri Kuklacheva, but then former employer accused him of stealing secrets manageable. According to some media, while speaking in Russian glubinke Krasnolozhkin Kuklacheva in disguise and tried to pretend to be a famous clown.
Representatives of "2x2" allege that the New Year night on the channel can be seen, and other artists who never show the rest of the program.

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