Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kommersant has planned a reduction of advertising revenues.

Publishing House "Kommersant budgeted decline in 2009, advertising revenue at 30 percent, writes the publication of the" newspaper "(GZT.RU) with reference to the statement made by the commercial director Paul Filenkova ID.
Filenko said that the drop in revenues at 30 per cent is the most pessimistic forecast. More realistic is to reduce earnings by only 20 per cent. He added that based on the bids of advertisers advertising revenues in 2009 may even grow at 10 percent.
Publications home Kommersant also had to reduce salaries. For this ID held downsizing, not reducing the wages of remaining workers.
According to the head Rospechati Michael Seslavinskogo, in 2009, can terminate the existence of 20 to 40 editions. This means that the advertising budget will be redistributed among the remaining major players.

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