Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Politkovskaya family lawyer demanded to take measures to "misleading" media.

SyuzhetyUbiystvo Anna Politkovskoy22.12.2008Odnogo of the accused during the investigation was never questioned in the case of the ubiystveKarina Moskalenko, representing relatives of Anna Politkovskaya, said she tried to convey a list of media and publications, that distort information about the process. The lawyer said "" that this is about the media, which "will provide the public with inaccurate information, distorting the process, distort the facts have shown contempt of court."
According to Moskalenko, the list has not yet been granted a court, but if the situation in light of no change, that "if the court itself would have to decide whether it was possible to prevent such media representatives to information if they distort it." The lawyer did not specify what the media and publishing, she had in mind, as toropilas the beginning of the next hearing.
The trial of the murder of Options "Novaya Gazeta" Anna Politkovskaya was taking place at the Moscow District Military Court. The process of repeatedly trying to close the press, but the journalists were not allowed only on a few meetings, where heard documents constituting state secrets.
Politkovskaya was murdered in Moscow in October 2006. The main motive of the crime investigation finds her professional activities.
In the dock are brothers Jabrayil Mahmudova and Ibrahim, who is accused of organizing the crime, a former member of the Moscow UBOPa Sergei Hadzhikurbanov, organized according to the indictment, surveillance of Politkovskaya, and Lieutenant-Colonel Pavel Ryaguzov FSB, accused of collecting information about the journalist in excess of authority.
The alleged perpetrator of the murder of Rustam Makhmudov declared wanted. The customer is not a crime.

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