Friday, February 27, 2009

"First Channel" and VGTRK promised not to dismiss employees.

Guide "First Channel" and VGTRK promised during the crisis did not reduce its staff. Instead, the channel decided to cut the technical costs, reports RIA Novosti.
In particular, the deputy general director of "First Channel" Kirill Kleimenov at the conference "MediaBusiness" organized by the newspaper Vedomosti, said that the channel reduces the cost of travel. "If the crews were in the same conditions in the mission, you will live a little in others" - he said.
Talking about the number of issues that go on the air and their capacity Kleimenov stated that the reduction of speech is not yet under way. "This last, which will give the company", - he added.
However Kleimenov noted that the revenue the channel affected by the reduction of advertising. In these circumstances, he said, "First Channel" could lose a substantial part of domestic content, and will borrow the foreign, which are much cheaper.
For its part, the editor in chief of the Russian information channel Vesti Dmitry Mednikov said VGTRK also not going to cut its staff. According to him, VGTRK reduces the use of satellites, as well as compositions crews, poison in the business.
In addition, Mednikov said that during the crisis channel "Russia" is much easier to produce quality films that he believes will help the revival of Russian cinema.

In Malaysia, the journalists-Catholics allowed to use the word "Allah".

A Malaysian court has allowed the Catholic newspaper to use the word "Allah", the AFP on Friday, February 27.
Chief editor of a weekly Catholic newspaper The Herald Andrew Lawrence (Lawrence Andrew) told the agency that the newspaper can now print the word "Allah" on their pages. Initially, the conflict with the authorities there of the fact that God in the Malay language is called a Muslim or a Christian God. In December 2008, the Interior Ministry has banned a newspaper article printed in the Malay language.
The authorities insisted that the word "Allah" should not appear in the Catholic, that is, non-Muslim newspaper, because it offends the religious feelings of those who follow Islam. However, the court did not claim the Government to The Herald on the deprivation of the right edition for publishing. Andrew Lawrence of the court explained that Catholic priests throughout the ages have used the word "Allah" when translating the Bible into the Malay language to refer to the Christian concept of "God."
Note that 60 percent of the 27 millionth population of Malaysia - Muslim. The rest of the population are Roman Catholics and Buddhists.

SPC reported a decrease in revenue from advertising.

KommentariiKrah-tibidoh20.02.2009Rynok Russian advertising began a prolonged drop in first quarter 2009 advertising revenue in ruble terms, on TV "STS Media" may be reduced by five to nine percent. In doing so, the forecast for the year, the company refused to give, writes the newspaper Kommersant.
The "STS Media", which includes the STS, "Home" and DTV admitted that in the fourth quarter of 2008 fell by 16 per cent of the demand for regional television. In a crisis advertisement prefer to give those companies that have brands throughout Russia.
In the first quarter of 2009, the company "STS Media" has earned 136.7 million on advertising dollars (3.2 billion rubles). However, the reporting is not considered DTV channel, because it "STS Media" just bought in April.
According to the Agency Media Logics, in January, reducing the amount of advertising on the CTC and the "home", but rose to DTV. In doing so, the rates for advertising declined, since advertisers are in a crisis requiring significant discount channels.
Earlier repeatedly reported that the channels affected by the crisis and reduce the volume of advertising less than print media, radio and outdoor advertising operators. The point is that the major players in the market will try to cut costs due to smaller-scale spending by focusing on television.
In 2008, the share of television had 52 per cent of the total advertising market in Russia. Last year the volume of the TV increased by 22 per cent.

Alexander Lebedev in Moscow to open an English radio station.

Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev, a recent owner of a British newspaper Evening Standard, is going to open an English-speaking radio station in Moscow. This businessman told in an interview with The Guardian, which published on Friday 27 February.
Lebedev also intends to distribute copies of the Moscow Evening Standard. In an interview with The Guardian said the entrepreneur, that is not going to buy another British newspaper - The Independent. Note that the British media earlier reported that the Lebedev is planning to buy The Independent.
In an interview with Alexander Lebedev, is also a co-owner of Novaya Gazeta ", was of the opinion that his growing MediaBusiness gives him the opportunity to make a criticism of the policies pursued by the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "I do not think it will be satisfied ... But what he can do with newspapers or television, covering its activities", - quoted businessman The Guardian. "I'm not a politician" - said Lebedev.
  It will be named the new radio station, and when to start a new project, the businessman did not specify.

Shvydkoi proposed to dissolve the Academy of Russian Television.

President of the Academy of Russian Television (ART) Mikhail Shvydkoi in an interview with Kommersant, published on Friday, February 27, talked about the threat of disruption of national competition TEFI 2009. As a way to overcome the crisis ART Shvydkoi called dissolution teleakademii.
According to Shvydkoi, who headed the Academy in October 2008, negotiations between the founders of ART on the new rules of work of the academy. According to the President of ART, one way to eliminate the differences between the founders would be the dissolution of the organization. "I think that you can teleakademiyu pereuchredit again and expand the number of academy members to 1,5-2 thousand people. And before that, say, declare" zero option ", ie the dissolution. But it will not mean that the new academy not include those who had it before, who has done and is doing television, "- said in an interview with the publication of Mikhail Shvydkoi.
Also, according to Shvydkoy to ART is now "critical issue" is a declaration of a national contest TEFI-2009. The goal is that the beginning of the collection of applications for participation in the contest will begin in late April. However, according to Shvydkoi, if prior to May meeting of the founders, which must be worked out new rules for TEFI not take place, the teleakademiya could cease to exist.
Remember, the main unresolved problem of ART was held in 2007, the output of the founders of the TV channels NTV and TNT. Shvidkoi in an interview with "Kommersant" expressed the view that the holding company VGTRK is unlikely to be involved in TEFI if NTV and TNT will not return to the organization. Meanwhile, according to Shvydkoi, director of NTV, Vladimir Kulistikov previously stated that in 2009 the return of the founders of NTV ART not happen.

Because of the crisis, the American newspaper is not lived up to its 150 anniversary.

Published in Colorado from 1859 newspaper The Rocky Mountain News will be closed due to its unprofitability in a financial crisis, AFP reported on 26 February.
The website edition on Thursday had added a letter head of the company EW Scripps Co, which owns the newspaper, Rich Slaughterhouses (Rich Boehne), which he called The Rocky Mountain News "victim of change in the industry and the enormous economic difficulties." Friday is the last issue of the newspaper in its history. To celebrate its 150 th anniversary, it did not have just two months.
In 2008, the newspaper had losses amounting to 16 million dollars, after which it was announced that it had offered for sale. In January, the newspaper owners were negotiating with possible buyer, but the deal did not materialize, as interested in buying the party was unable to offer "a viable plan for" reform of the publication.
Over the past decade, journalists have been awarded four Pulitzer Prizes.

In the UK, Star TV is dead "EastEnders".

British actress Wendy Richard died February 26 at age 65 from breast cancer at a hospital in London, reports SkyNews.
A widely known actress had the role of Pauline Fowler in the popular TV series "EastEnders" ( "Living in the East End"). She played the role of Fowler from the very first episode, has left the broadcast in 1985, before the death of his character in a series of December 2006.
For the first time Richard appeared on television in 1961 in the series "Stranger on the Shore" ( "Stranger on the shore"), but the first success came to her with the role of commercial manager of comedy series "Are You Being Served?" ( "You served?"), Broadcast from 1972 to 1985.
In 1965, the actress took part in the movie The Beatles "Help!", But the episodes with her participation is not reached in the final assembly of the picture. They are expected to enter into a new expanded edition of "Help!" on DVD.
For the role in "EastEnders" in 2007, Wendy Richard was awarded the Prize of the British television British Soap Award in the category for outstanding contribution. "

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moldovan police searched the opposition television stations.

Moldovan police raided a television station on channel Albasat TV 60 kilometers from Chisinau, reported AFP. Representatives of TV claim that the search took place without a warrant.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova stated that the search was authorized: the police have evidence that some staff working nelegalno.Menedzher Albasat TV channel reported that police threatened to jail journalists, if they refuse to cooperate with them. Accountant television and one of the journalists were detained for chas.Albasat TV broadcasts by about one-tenth of the territory of Moldova. In broadcast television has repeatedly voiced criticism of the ruling Communist Party.

Estonian agency searched the office of the Russian-language newspaper.

Morning of February 26, members of the Security Police (the Estonian secret service) came with a search in Tallinn Russian-language edition of the newspaper "News of the day." This was reported on the website edition. As the newspaper writes, the secret service refused to explain, with a search.
According to the deputy chief editor of Vesti Day Tatyana Merkulova, which quotes the portal, a search conducted by three persons, which was accompanied by the representative of the owner of the newspaper. None of the journalists they were not interrogated. As the DELFI, officials "were looking for something in computers." About an hour later they left the editorial office.
Later, the public prosecutor Gerrit Myaesalu reported that a search conducted in the context of criminal proceedings related to bribery in Tallinn administration. In this same case, as reported February 26, was arrested a deputy of Tallinn town meeting Elmar Sepp. According to Interfax, he is a member of the fund financing the newspaper "News of the day."
According to the Estonian media, law enforcement authorities suspect that a fund Juri Vilmsi Sihtkapital, which sponsors "To date, the money pumped Estonian Centrist Party (the party leader Edgar Savisaar is the mayor of Tallinn).
Meanwhile, Chief Editor Alexander Chaplygin, commenting on the situation, said that "News of the day" is not a centrist party. In his opinion, the reason for the search could become dissatisfied mood authorities opposition newspapers.

The reporter of "Kommersant" suspected of preparing provocations in the elections in Tatarstan.

Staff GUVD of Samara Oblast on 25 February detained the correspondent of the newspaper "Kommersant" Maxim Kalach, Interfax reports. After prophylactic conversation ", as described the detention of a journalist the police, an employee of" Kommersant "was released. Sam Maxim Kalach said that law enforcement authorities suspect him of preparing provocations in the elections to the State Council of Tatarstan, to be held on March 1.
According Kalach know that he was arrested the day near the wording "Kommersant" in Samara. "They asked me to go to an interview, not explaining the reasons for his request. I have refused them, after which they were room, I hand cut the coat and began to pull on the street" - said the journalist. He added that the office called him the reason for the detention and said that "from the department UBOP Tatarstan, Samara police arrived orientation," according to which Kalach suspected of preparing provocations. They, found in the police, a correspondent asked to organize a candidate for the deputy State Council of Tatarstan Irek Murtazin.
Maxim Kalach said that police suspected unfounded. According to the journalist, it truly was invited to act as observers at the elections in Tatarstan to go but he did not intend to. Kalach said that in one day with his arrest the police came to the editor of Kommersant in Samara "Andrei Fyodorov. Law enforcement officials asked not to let Fyodorova Kalach in Tatarstan, which were refused.
In Samara region GUVD information about the detention Kalach confirmed, but no details of what happened (with the exception that occurred above "preventative talks") have not led.
Irek Murtazin, which could be related detention of journalist Kommersant, run in place a deputy State Council of Tatarstan. Currently Murtazin, previously held the post of press secretary chapter of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, is under investigation. Murtazina accused of libel, violation of privacy, head of the republic and inciting hatred. The criminal case brought Murtazina after it in his blog published untrue message about the death of Shaimiyev.

Arabic Women's Journal will be published in Russia.

Arabic Holding AlWaseet International, issuing the largest in the UAE, Kuwait and Syria, the newspaper ads Waseet, went to the Russian mediarynok, Kommersant daily on Thursday, 26 February.
According to the publication Holding registered in Russia subsidiary company of Al Wasit Interneshenel KSTS - Rash and in March 2009 launch in Moscow, a monthly magazine about celebrities LaYalina. According to the editor Natalia Gavrilova, magazine edition will be released in Moscow on 150 thousand copies. The target audience of the publication: women from 25 to 45 years with a high level of income. Glavred believes that pay-back period of the journal will be of three to five years.
"Kommersant" noted that according to the analytical center "Video International" (ATSVI), in 2008, the niche of celebrity magazines (Hello!, OK!, Viva! Etc.) are not affected by the crisis and has shown growth in advertising revenues at 49 per cent compared to 2007. However, in January 2009, according to the ATSVI showed reduction in advertising space by 40 percent.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Georgia and the Arab company buys "Imedi".

SyuzhetyBorba of "Imedi" 20.02.2009Inna Gudavadze asked Saakashvili to return to her "Imedi" The struggle for succession Patarkatsishvili20.02.2009Keyu prohibited to dispose of property PatarkatsishviliGruzinskaya TV company "Imedi" sold to Georgia-Arab Investment Company RAK Georgia Holding, Interfax reports. The deal is not called.
The previous owner of "Imedi" Joseph Kay said that had sold 90 percent shares of the company, leaving at 10 percent. He explained the desire to bargain "damages the company that it has suffered in recent months."
RAK Georgia Holding - a joint venture in which the Arab parties participating developer Rakeen. In Georgia, an enterprise, according to the Georgian Business Week, has received, in particular the right to manage the port of Poti for a period of 49 years. In addition, in June 2008 Rakeen has leased Mtatsmindsky Park, located in Tbilisi (the park, as reported by Georgian media, at the end of 2007 was confiscated from Badri Patarkatsishvili by Georgian authorities).
Recall that Imedi was founded by Georgian businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili. Television has become the leading opposition media of Georgia. In 2007, Patarkatsishvili, conflict with the authorities of the country, handed action "Imedi" in the management of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch.
In November 2007, after the protests in Tbilisi, the Georgian special forces defeated the studio "Imedi". Much of the equipment was destroyed. TV is back on the air only in May 2008, though he now only broadcast entertainment programs.
After the death of Patarkatsishvili was expected that the "Imedi" would come under the control of his widow Inna Gudavadze. However, their right to a TV suddenly showed half-brother the late Joseph Kay. Representatives of the Georgian opposition accused him of fraud and collusion with the Georgian authorities that are interested in to get rid of the opposition channel.
Attempts Gudavadze Inna and her lawyers to return the TV has not yet yielded results.

The New York Post dismissed a 86-year-old kolumnistku because of the crisis.

Guide newspaper The New York Post has decided not to renew the contract with kolumnistkoy Liz Smith (Liz Smith), which in the U.S. called legendary. That was reported by Associated Press.
In the words of Smith's paper was not extended its contract for which it received 125 thousand dollars a year because of the "economic circumstances." "I am sorry that all come to an end, and I was not such a valuable employee to save me", - said the journalist.
For his part, chief-editor Allan Amount (Col Allan) announced that The New York Post "appreciate the possibility to publish the legendary Smith column over the years."
Liz Smith worked with the publication since the mid 1990's. Initially, her column rumors out six times a week, but a year ago in the struggle with the cost of its output frequency was reduced to three times a week. The last time Smith will be in the article The New York Post on February 26.
However, it is reported that the quarry Smith did not stop there - her column is published on its website wowOwow (The Women on the Web). In addition, she writes to the editor The Parade Magazine.

Americans have been watching TV for 151 hours per month.

The average American watches television for 151 hours per month. CNN reported, citing results of a study on the Nielsen Company, which covers October, November and December 2008 goda.V last quarter of 2007 the average U.S. resident is watching television 145 hours per month. According to experts from the Nielsen Company, the increase in the average television viewing time - a long-term trend associated with an increase in the number of televisions in every American home, the increasing diversity of cable channels, as well as the availability of the programmable devices that can record the transfer and watch them at convenient times.
The figure of 151 hours per month was a record for all years of conducting such studies. Grew as the average time viewing video on the Internet and on mobile devices. The growth has been negligible. Those who watch video online, on average, spend on it for three hours a month, while users of mobile devices - four hours.
Among the reasons for the increase in the average duration of viewing of TV programs, researchers called the presidential elections held in November of 2008, as well as the difficult economic situation, which many Americans prefer low-cost entertainment, such as viewing television at home.

The famous British TV series will lose the White characters.

British television channel BBC on Wednesday will show a series of soap opera "The inhabitants of the East End" (EastEnders), all characters will be black. This February 25, writes The Daily Mail.
In this series of actions will occur mostly in the homes of families and Trumenov Fox (black heroes of the series), but even in those episodes, which are happening in public places, appears no white actor.
The journalists managed to explore the scenario of the series. Reported that the characters use the word "color" and "Negro" and discuss on the topic of racism in modern Britain.
Previously published series of men of the East End, which show only the characters of Asian descent, as well as a series in which there were no men. Series only with black heroes out for the first time.
Series "Living in the East End" is on the BBC since 1985. During this time, it was shown more than 3700 series.

British parents are required to remove from the leading one-ether.

In Britain, a group of parents were indignant at the emergence of children's channel "Bi-Bi-Bi" leading with one hand, reported ABC News on Tuesday, 24 February.
29-year-old Kerry Barnell (Cerrie Burnell) in January 2009 began to work for a leading children's channel CBeebies. Barnell was born without a right hand. As a corporation "Bi-Bi-Bi" asked a few parents from the requirement to remove lead from the ether. In their view, children are afraid to watch the transfer with the Kerry Barnell. One father wrote that his children "will soon begin nightmares, and the mother of one girl wrote that her daughter all the time, thinks that" sick aunt. "
The position of "Bi-Bi-Bi" was formulated clearly: Barnell remain on the air, because "it was a good lead and loves children."
As noted by ABC News, the treatment group of parents led, in turn, outraged at the British human rights activists, who accused the parents of discrimination. Was taken from the defenders and for the tabloid headlines such as "one-leading to death, scared children."
Leading reproaches itself named in his address "the view of the limited people," because children with disabilities and their parents are also watching that channel. "Parents of children with disabilities may use me as an excuse for tactful interviews with children about their diseases," - explained Barnell.
The Times columnist Carol Midzhli (Carol Midgley) published on Wednesday, February 25, a review of parental messages on the forum channel CBeebies. In the last month of Internet discussion about the new leadership was the main on-site.
It is noted that some posts had been removed by moderators, as they were frankly obscene and offensive. Nevertheless, most parents were in favor of Kerry Barnell. According to the author of The Times, the parents, first and foremost, is to focus more on raising their children and not spend all the time on the internet for discussion of disability leading.

Old newspaper of San Francisco was on the brink of closure.

The largest and oldest newspaper of San Francisco was on the brink of closing, the Associated Press on Wednesday, February 25.
Currently, the publisher of the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, a weekly circulation of almost 340 thousand copies, is trying to optimize costs. However, representatives of Hearst Corporation, which publishes the newspaper, said that if in the coming weeks, the financial situation of the San Francisco Chronicle did not improve, the publication will be either closed or sold.
A potential buyer has not communicated. According to the AP, most likely in the near future in the newspaper will reduce losses. Now only one news editorial department employs 275 people.
Hearst Corporation acquired the publication, which has a history of 144 years in 2000 for 660 million dollars. However, advertising revenues San Francisco Chronicle in recent years has been a dramatic decline. Damages for publication in 2008 amounted to $ 50 million.
Note that the San Francisco Chronicle is not the first American edition, which turned out to be due to the economic crisis on the verge of closure or bankruptcy. For example, last Monday, 23 February, began bankruptcy proceedings two Philadelphia newspapers: The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.

The volume of print advertising for the year decreased by half.

KommentariiKrah-tibidoh20.02.2009Rynok Russian advertising began a prolonged fall in January of 2009, advertisers have placed in the 242 printed in Moscow, and federal publications of all 17.4 thousand advertising pages, Kommersant daily, referring to the analytical data Center Video International. This is a 53 percent lower than in January 2008. Revenue from advertising has dropped by 20 percent.
The number of bands decreased in all categories of advertisers, other than the sellers of goods for children on advertising which in January 2009 had 127 strips - a six percent increase over the corresponding period last year.
More than others, at 70 percent, reduce print advertising companies working with real estate. Automakers have used in 46 percent fewer advertising space than a year ago, and manufacturers of cosmetics - a 29 per cent.
In January 2009, the same think tank predicted the fall in revenue from the Russian press advertising at 30 percent. In December 2008, the budgets of advertisers have already declined by 4.5 percent.
According to the ACAR, media market in 2008 grew by only 11 per cent, from 51,9 to 57,6 billion rubles. Most likely such a low rate is related to poor results in the fourth quarter of a crisis.
In mid-February, the company Oxford Analytica has published a study that soon every tenth publication in the world can reduce the number of copies, to start to go less frequently or to close.

Turkish television cut this policy in the Kurdish language.

Turkish television TRT broadcast speech broke the Kurdish leader of the Social Democratic Party, Ahmet Turk (Ahmet Turk) in the parliament, when he moved in his speech on the Kurdish language, reported CNN.
Speech on the Protection of the Kurdish language, Ahmet Turk began in Turkish. "We are not opposed to Turkish was the official language of the country, but we demand the lifting of bans on the use of Kurdish," - said Turk. Then the leader of the Social Democratic Party said it would continue in Kurdish. It was at this time of broadcast was interrupted.
According to a TV channel TRT, the cessation of broadcasting was carried out in accordance with the Turkish Constitution, which prohibits the use of a language in Parliament, except the Turkish.
Ahmet Turk called paradoxical situation, since 1 January 2009 with the permission of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan began broadcasting the first television channel to Kurdish language TRT6.
Until 1991, the Kurdish language in Turkey was under a total ban.

Ukraine banned "erotic" series "Happy Together".

National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio banned the display in the country a series of "Matryoshkas to cover" television series "Happy Together" by recognizing its erotic nature of the products, using images of minors. Reported "Rusbalt-Ukraine", with reference to the press service department.
The conclusion of the existence of elements of eroticism in the subject series of offered Natssovetu expert commission on the protection of public morals.
In the series Matryoshkas to cover "describes the relationship between the son of the hero Genes Bukina Roma and girls Natasha, who actually once had an operation to change sex.
At the end of January 2009 Natssovet recommended that all national TV channels not to broadcast programs, films and serials that violate the law in the protection of public morals. The list of unwanted software, among other hit series "Simpsons", the transfer of "Comedy Club", "Postscript," exhibit, "Eyewitness," "The most famous Ukrainian maniacs."
1 November 2008 entered into force a ban Natssoveta to rebroadcast some Russian TV channels, including the "First Channel", REN TV, RTR-Planeta and TVCI. Later, "First Channel" has been granted temporary permission to broadcast.

In Azerbaijan, sold one of the most popular news sites.

One of the most popular news sites in Azerbaijan sold, the agency "Azeri-Press with reference to the former chief editor of the portal Elnur Baimova.
Baimov noted that details of the transaction it is not known, because this issue is resolved founder. However, he said, it will not work with the new owner of the resource.
Our website (as in its English version contains the information that the site is temporarily closed for technical reasons and would resume work on February 25.
According to Regnum, sites and stopped work on 18 February. A source in the government of Azerbaijan told the agency that this was due to "serious political mistakes in recent times by members of the resource."
According to the interlocutor agencies, in particular, appeared on the website materials, hindering the development of relations with Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.
In addition, recently appeared on interview businessman Boris Berezovsky. In it he criticized the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, saying that his condition prior to the crisis was $ 40 billion. Translation of the interview is available online InoSMI.Ru.
As the number of publications, February 19 sites were removed from the base of the national domain, but the inquiries "" and "" site deliver information according to which these resources are registered in the base. Both are registered on the site Elnur Baimova.
Media was established in 2003, a deputy Anar Mamedhanovym. He was one of the most visited sites in the news resources of Caucasus and Central Asia.

In Jamaica banned songs about sex and violence.

Commission on Television and Radio Jamaica has issued a ban on playing songs in the texts that mention sex, violence, arson, reported The Guardian.
According to the text of regulations prohibiting the broadcasting "any record, praising the use of firearms or other weapons, as well as personal injury - murder, rape, arson."
The new ruling extends the ban on the region compared to the same document, adopted on 6 February. Playing the songs using the sounds ( "bipov") for the damping of non-legislative words in songs are now also considered to be illegal.
Measures taken by the Commission, are part of the authorities to fight against the new phenomenon of club culture - "deggeringa" ( "daggering"). The word "deggering", formed from the "dagger" - "a dagger" can be translated as "Tychkov. Fashion phenomenon is a dance that simulates coition.
According to the Jamaican authorities, the increase in popularity "deggeringa" provoked by the songs about sex and violence. Under the ban, many hit songs of the Jamaican singer Mr. Vegas, whose song "Daggering" gave the name of the phenomenon, but a clip on it became a tool for novice enthusiasts a new dance.

Rupert Murdoch personally apologized for the cartoon with the monkey.

KommentariiObezyani strasti20.02.2009V cartoons of the insane chimpanzee saw insult Barak ObamyMedia-tycoon Rupert Murdoch on Tuesday personally apologized for the publication in a newspaper he owned New York Post cartoon of a dead monkey. In this figure, against the economic policy of the new U.S. administration, critics have seen racist insults at Barack Obama - the first in the history of U.S. black president.
"Today I want to personally apologize to every reader who is hurt or offended," - says Murdoch in a statement published on the website New York Post. Earlier edition of the newspaper published an apology, noting that the scandal surrounding caricatures of the monkey exploited by enemies Post.
At last Wednesday published illustration cartoonist Sean Delonasa (Sean Delonas) depicts a dead monkey and two policemen, one of whom has just shot an animal, while another said: "For the next plan to stimulate the economy will have to find someone else."
At the core of the plot of figure - a real incident in Connecticut, where trained chimp attacked a woman and was shot by police. Murdoch, in his statement stressed that no racist intent of the editorial cartoonist, and was not, and promised to be more wary of "sensitive areas" of American society.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"BBC" engaged in excessive advertising the new album, U2.

British Broadcasting Corporation "BBC" was accused of excessive advertising the new album, the Irish group U2 "No Line on the Horizon", which is assigned to the release of 2 March . This publication writes The Daily Telegraph. Critics argue that by running on TV and radio stations "BBC" advertising plate and show involving U2, musicians earned around one million pounds sterling.
Over the next few days the program, guests will be members U2, will be broadcast on TV channels BBC 1 and BBC 2, as well as on radio stations Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 4. In addition, critics of the campaign "BBC" in support of U2, did not like the fact that on the official website of the British corporation is information about ticket sales for the next concert, as well as links to the website.
However, the existence of a financial contract between the BBC and U2 speech is not. As the British politician Nigel Evans, "this campaign is more expensive money." Representatives of "BBC" explained his decision to support U2, saying that one of the biggest challenges facing the media structure - to respond to the events of show business.
"U2 - One of the most popular rock bands in the world, and we believe that we should pay attention to the album of the band. Before the premiere of any well-known creative people, we must say that our audience. But we are particularly sensitive to the selection the topics that will highlight ", - the company.
Nevertheless, the policy of "BBC" in respect of U2 sparked a backlash among some viewers television corporation. New albums come every day, but we have some reason to be interested in only one of them, "- notes looker in his message to the company's website.

Georgian radio station will have a day without a Russian songs.

The Georgian radio station supported the call of youth activists, offered for one day refuse to broadcast the songs in Russian. On this, as RIA Novosti, the director of radio station "Voice of Georgia Mamuka Kutchava. What are the specific stations involved (except named) agency did not specify.
Kutchava, for its part, said that taking the decision, the leadership of Voice of Georgia, "" take into account the interests of society. " At the same time, he noted that it was not opposed to the Russian culture.
Manual radio "Imedi", in turn, reported that refused to broadcast Russian-language songs from back in August 2008. According to the editor in chief Nino Gabriadze, it was made in protest against the entry of Russian troops on Georgian territory.
On the proposal to suspend the transfer of songs in Russian was made by the youth organization "Internet forum" reaction. "Representatives of the movement have repeatedly held shares in the Russian embassy in protest against the policy of Russia against Georgia.
This event is scheduled for February 25. It is timed to coincide with the anniversary of entry of the Red Army in Tbilisi, followed by Sovietization Georgia.
Recall that shortly after the August war, protested against the Russian Federation expressed the Georgian cinema: they have ceased to broadcast the films in Russian.

Glavred Daghestanian newspaper was accused of inciting ethnic strife.

Chief of the Dagestan weekly "Draft" Nadir Isayev charged with inciting national hatred, reports said on Tuesday, 24 February.
The representative of the UPC in the Republic of Dagestan of Russian Federation told the agency, the editor charged under Part 2 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code (inciting national, racial or religious hatred, with the use of official position).
According to the interviewee said, in the coming days, the charges for this article would be even more employees Drafts. Note that the publication in the country is very popular, in terms of circulation weekly newspaper, took second place in Dagestan.
A criminal case related to extremist activity, has been instituted against the chief editor of the publication 31 July 2008. The reason for the initiation of criminal proceedings was the article "Terrorists Number One", appeared in the room "Drafts" dated 4 July 2008. Recall that the material provided direct speech of one of the leaders of Dagestan militants Rappani Khalilov.

The trial of Khodorkovsky and Lebedev will show journalists on the plasma screen.

SyuzhetyVtoroe the case of Khodorkovsky and Lebedeva24.02.2009Obvinyaemyh to the "Matrosskaya Tishina" For the journalists who will cover the trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev, will provide a separate room. It will be a plasma screen, which in real time will be broadcast trials, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the head of press service of Moscow City Court Anna Usacheva.
He explained that the Hamovnicheskom court, where it will undergo the process, meeting rooms, small and will not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend the proceedings. Usacheva said that the court has already received over 50 applications from the media for accreditation of journalists. Preliminary hearings will be held March 3 in the closed mode.
Khodorkovsky and Lebedev were etapirovany from Chita to Moscow last weekend and placed in SIzo Matrosskaya silence. " The lawyers have already received notification of the whereabouts of their wards. The site advocates noted that only Khodorkovsky was placed in spetsizolyator 99 / 1, which is directly subordinated to GUFSIN RF and Lebedev in general is - 77 / 1, which is administered by the UFSIN Moscow.
Businessmen accused of theft of stock and oil is almost 900 billion rubles, and the legalization of proceeds. Khodorkovsky and Lebedev are not guilty.

The case of the murder of Ilya Zimin review de novo.

SyuzhetyUbiystvo Ilya Zimina24.02.2009Delo of murder aimed at peresmotrDelo the murder of Russian journalist Ilya Zimin sent for review. According to Interfax, the decision on Tuesday, February 24, adopted the Supreme Court of Justice of Moldova. Date of the hearing has not yet been named, is known only that they will be held in the Appeals Chamber of the Moldovan city of Balti.
Remember, the murder of the journalist of NTV television channel Zimina citizen accused of Moldova Igor Velchev. In December 2007, the Moldovan city Ocnita court found him innocent. In April 2008 the Appeals Chamber in Balti acquittal left in place.
Supreme Court of Justice, however, concluded that the court "there are some ambiguities." Case sent for review to clarify.
Ilya Zimin was killed in their Moscow apartment on 26 February 2006. In June the same year in Moldova on suspicion of committing this crime, was arrested Velchev. According to investigation, Zimin met with this man prior to death and invited him to visit. The prosecution contended that the quarrel broke out between men and severely beaten Velchev Zimina, who died from his injuries.
Moldovan authorities did not want Russia to extradite the suspect and decided to try it at home.

FAS is not allowed Walt Disney to buy a share in the Russian media.

Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) last Friday, February 12, dismissed the application of The Walt Disney Company to purchase 49 per cent holding Ivan Tavrina Media One TV, controlling 30 regional television stations in Russia. This Kommersant daily on Tuesday, 24 February.
According to the publication, in the creation of children's TV channel on the basis of these stations are The Walt Disney Company was going to invest 233 million U.S. dollars. However, FAS has rejected the application of Catalpa Investments on the acquisition of 49 per cent of MO-TV Holdings. Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Kashevarov explained that the Catalpa Investments represented the interests of the American company The Walt Disney, and MO-TV Holdings is the parent holding company Media One TV.
The application was rejected in accordance with Article 33 of the Law "On Protection of Competition, Federal Antimonopoly Service of the documents considered unreliable. The publication reports that 19 Dec, 2008 FAS Catalpa Investments sought additional information, but it was not received in full. In addition, as highlighted in the service, if the transaction took place, the Catalpa Investments would be able to take key decisions in the management of television, although no reference was going to buy a share.
Participants media did not officially comment on the decision of FAS. According to the head of a Russian TV channel, this policy decision more than business. The reason for refusal is that the Russian authorities do not want to allow foreign capital to participate actively in the media. According to Kommersant, formerly president of The Walt Disney Company Robert Iger even tried to get an appointment with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to discuss the launch of its TV channel in Russia. Official confirmation of this information is not available.
Recall of plans to The Walt Disney Company to invest 233 million dollars in the development of Russian children's television became aware in December 2008.

The Financial Times Employees transferred to a three-day working week.

Guide newspaper The Financial Times has offered its staff the summer of 2009 to move to a three-day working week, said in Monday, February 23, AFP.

"We are ready to offer our employees a flexible schedule, including a three-day working week from June to August, which would respond rapidly to changes in the market", - explained the press-secretary of The Financial Times Guide Tom Glover.

British newspaper The Guardian, referring to its sources in the wording of The Financial Times, reports that employees of business newspapers also offered an additional holiday, which will be paid only in part.

In January 2009, The Financial Times announced a reduction of 80 posts, including 20 editorial rates.

The newspaper The Financial Times, considered the world's leading business publication, is a media group Pearson.

Peter Chernin will take the post of president of News Corp ..

Peter Chernin (Peter Chernin) will leave the post of president of News Corp., Announced on Monday Fox News, referring to The Wall Street Journal.

Czernin Contract with News Corp. expire on 30 June 2009. According to the publication, Chernin, and the owner of News Corp. Rupert Murdoch led the negotiations on the renewal of the contract, but could not agree on the conditions suit both parties.

One of the reasons for the departure Czernin, previously media experts, may be unsatisfactory financial performance of his kompanii.Aktsii News Corp. per year in lost value almost 70 percent. In the fourth quarter of 2008, company losses amounted to 6.4 billion dollars.

The analysts interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, notes that in the case of care Czernin Book News Corp. waiting for major staff changes.

Israeli Prime Minister apologized for a joke on Jesus and Mary.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has formally apologized for the jokes participants talk show on Israeli TV Channel 10, which offended Christians, and led to protests from the Vatican, transmit BBC News.

"I condemn remarks made during the television program - Olmert said at a government meeting on February 23. - I am sorry about what happened, the more that these comments hurt the Christian minority in Israel."

During the popular Tonight Show, which is an Israeli comedian Lior Shlayn, there were a few jokes about the Virgin Mary and Jesus, among other things, that Mary became pregnant at 15 year of classmates, but he could not walk on water because of excess weight.

Members of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops in the Holy Land, called the joke Shlayna "heinous attack" on Christ and the Virgin. Several Christian priests, Pope Benedict XVI called on to abandon the planned visit to Israel.

For its part, Lior Shlayn said that the regrets about what happened. However, he noted that this could be a "lesson" to Christians who deny the Holocaust.

Shlayn hinted at a conservative Catholic priest, Richard Williamson (Richard Williamson), who has publicly stated that in the Nazi concentration camps were not murdered 6 million Jews, and 200 or 300 thousand, and that none of them died in the gas chamber. Of particular resonance Williamson gave a speech the fact that in January 2009, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the previously imposed excommunication on priests and returned it to the bosom of the Catholic Church.

The newspaper China Daily has launched a U.S. application.

Chinese English newspaper China Daily has launched a special program for North America ChinaDaily US, which will be published in the U.S., sends agency Xinhua.

It is noted that China Daily is now in the U.S. in 1983, after only two years after its creation, but the growing economic ties between the two countries prompted the publication to issue a separate U.S. annex.

ChinaDaily U.S. will cover events in the U.S. directly affiliated with China. There will also be stories of American and Chinese commentators, businessmen, dedicated to various aspects of US-Chinese cooperation.

From Yahoo! Head left Yahoo! News.

From the Yahoo! departed vice-president of the Project Manager Yahoo! News Niradzh Khemlani (Neeraj Khemlani), AFP reported on 23 February.
Now the 38-year-old Khemlani to assume the position of Vice-President of the publishing house of Hearst Corp., Where he will oversee digital content. " Prior to joining Yahoo! Khemlani worked as a producer on the TV CBS.
Previously, the unofficial sources it became known that the new general director of Yahoo! Carol Bartz is planning a major reorganization of the company and significant changes in its leadership. These measures should be adapted Yahoo! to work in a financial crisis.
Bartz took leadership of a corporation in January, the managing director in replacement of one of the founders of search engine Jerry Yang. Among the first orders Bartz was a ban on raising the salaries of staff that should help the company significantly reduce costs.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Prince William was charged with evasion of royal duties.

British television accused the Prince William that he would evade his royal duties, reports Sky News on Monday, 23 February.
On the British TV Channel 4 on Monday will premiere the documentary serial "Problem princes" of the Princes William and Harry. In the first series will be discussed on William, elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales.
It should be noted that Prince William is second in line for the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, after Charles. According to journalist James Vitakera (James Whitaker), snyavshego film Ulyam pays very little attention to royal events. For example, the 27-year-old prince took part in 14 events organized by the court, and Prince Charles in his age took part in the 84's.
As the Vitaker, five of the 14 events were football matches. "William is almost nothing to do as a successor to the throne," - noted journalist.
Also in the film Vitakera will be paid much attention to addiction prince to fly by helicopter, which cost the British taxpayers' money. The representative of Prince William has told the press that the film Vitakera is "biased and one-sided."

In Philadelphia, began bankruptcy of two newspapers.

The owner of two Philadelphia newspapers began bankruptcy proceedings, the Associated Press on Monday, 23 February.
AP notes that the company Philadelphia Newspapers, which publishes the newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, was the second media, apply for bankruptcy in the last two days in the U.S..
To initiate procedures for a debt restructuring the company, which is 390 million dollars. Nevertheless, representatives of Philadelphia Newspapers said that it was not going to stop the production of publications.
In the U.S., this is the fourth event of the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings in recent times. February 21, the procedure of bankruptcy, temporary protection from creditors' claims, the company resorted Journal Register (publishes 179 newspapers). In January, in Minnesota began bankruptcy newspaper The Star Tribune. In December 2008, bankruptcy proceedings start the Chicago company Tribune Co.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

American Publishing House Journal Register announced bankruptcy.

American publishing company Journal Register has announced the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings, the Associated Press. The appeal, issued on Saturday, February 21, at the publishing house says that the company was forced to take the 11th article of the U.S. bankruptcy law, providing protection from creditors.

"The restructuring will not affect the work of our company, all publications will come out in normal mode," - said the head of the board and executive director of Journal Register, James Hall (James W. Hall).

As at 30 November 2008, the assets of the publishing house was estimated at 596 million dollars and debts of the company exceeded 692 million. With the restructuring plan, which the publishing house has prepared to resort to the 11 th article of the law on bankruptcy, agreed to 27 out of 37 creditors Journal Register, including the bank JP Morgan Chase.

Publishing House Journal Register, which is headquartered in Philadelphia, publishes 179 newspapers, including 20 emerging daily. Journal Register publications are distributed in Michigan, Connecticut, as well as parts of New York State, in the cities of Cleveland and Philadelphia. In the publishing house has about 3,5 thousand employees.

NAACP considered a caricature of a dead monkey appeal to the assassination of Obama.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) called on Americans not to buy the newspaper New York Post, reports Associated Press. The reason for this was the publication of newspaper cartoons depicting the police killed the monkey.

The head of NAACP Benjamin Todd Dzhelousa (Benjamin Todd Jealous), a cartoon - a "call to murder" for U.S. President Barack Obama. Head of NAACP also announced that due to the caricature scandal to resign must submit the editor in chief of New York Post Number Allan (Col Allan) and author of the picture Sean Delonas (Sean Delonas).

Plots for the cartoon that caused the scandal, was the story of trained chimpanzees get into a wax aggressors of his hostess girlfriend. The police was forced to shoot an aggressive animal. The figure, published in the New York Post, was killed depicts a monkey and two policemen, one of whom said: "Now to look for another to create a plan for keeping the economy." This phrase and has become an occasion to charge the newspaper for incitement to assassination attempt on the president of the USA. A few days before the publication of caricatures of Barak Obama Administration submitted to Congress a plan to rescue the U.S. economy.

The day after the publication of cartoons of the New York Post editorial was a protest of opponents of racism. The newspaper has already apologized to all those offended caricature, noting that the scandal around the figure was inflated by opponents of old editions, thus trying to keep score.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The first students will be the new album U2 readers The Guardian.

The first new album by Irish students group U2 "No Line on the Horizon" will be the readers of British The Guardian. Thus, according to the newspaper, 11 tracks from the disc, the official release which was appointed on 2 March 2009, will be presented in the "Music" Internet version of The Guardian.
Premiere digital version of "No Line on the Horizon" will be held on 23 February, on Monday. Recall that the new U2 album will be the first work of studio musicians for the past five years: the previous drive team "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" came out in 2004.
Meanwhile, the eve of the album had already trickled out to the Internet and has been massively rastirazhirovan on piringovym networks. According to Billboard, was the culprit for leaks Australian portal, belonging to the local office of Universal Music, which are U2. offers its visitors the opportunity to buy an album or listen to songs online.
According to Australian bloggers, the purchase of "No Line on the Horizon" has cost them almost 13 dollars (about 20 Australian dollars). It was after the appearance of songs from the album went to various torrent networks.
But who exactly overlaid digitized version of the new disc U2 to the Internet, are not reported. Billboard notes that in the course organized by music critics for private presentations "No Line on the Horizon" was not present to enjoy the recording device. In addition, staff members and managers of U2 Universal was required to observe all possible safety measures to avoid leakage.

Severodvinsk was arrested in the pre-circulation local newspaper communists.

Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk region arrested circulation newspaper CPRF campaign "truth Pomerania", Interfax reports with reference to a member of State Duma deputy Andrei Andreyev. According to him, the 150 thousandth edition was printed specifically for the elections to the Legislative Assembly area, which will be held 1 March 2009.
According to Andreev, the police stopped the car, vezshuyu printed materials, as soon as she left for the gate house. Representatives of law enforcement agencies required to send copies of ATC Severodvinsk. Candidates for deputies of regional legislative assembly of the Communist Party went to the administration to testify. In the law enforcement agencies this information has not yet been confirmed.
According to Andreev, the grounds for the arrest of circulation "Pomerania Truth" was that the Communist Party propaganda materials were not registered in the regional election commission. As the representative of the Communist Party, copies sent to ATC, just had to go from the printing house in izbirkom for registration.
He also noted that the publication of "The Truth Pomerania was made without any violations. Representatives of the Communist Party intends to apply to the Electoral Commission of the Arkhangelsk region, to resolve the situation. In the event that the question of lifting the arrest of newspaper circulation is not resolved, Communist Party plans to appeal to the CEC, then the prosecutor.

Eighty percent of the media Runet copying other people's news.

The autumn of 2008, about 80 percent of Russian Internet media at least once fully copied someone else's news. Such verbatim reprints for several years now account for twenty percent of all news. This is stated in the study mediasfery Runet held by Yandex and cover the period from September 2008 to January 2009.
Only eight percent of messages contain links to other sources, and expert commentary in the form of direct or indirect speech is available in 14 percent of news. Most of the time of the newsmakers quoted Dmitry Medvedev (17,767 citations) and Vladimir Putin (11,646 citations).
Over a quarter of all the news in autumn 2008 had on the economic message. More than 20 percent of the messages contain the word "crisis". At the news of which was written more than 20 media, accounted for only five percent of the total volume of messages.
The average consists of 210 new words collected in the 13-14 proposals, with the long title of 7-8 words. According to the researchers, analyzing the RSS-flows 2200 Internet publications, the average online media publishes 16 news on weekdays and 4 on the news at weekends. In the week in RuNet is over 36 thousand newsgroups, and on weekends - 9 thousand.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dmitry Medvedev recognized the most popular man in Russia.

Company Medialogiya "rating was the best-known representatives of the strong floor in the Russian press and on TV in 2008.
Rating is based on index information Favorable (ISS) of Medialogiya. ISS index reflects not only the quantity but the quality of people in the information field. On the value of the index ISS affect several indicators, including: the influence of media visibility messages that mention the brightness of the object, no conflict, the existence of direct speech and character references in the media.
The study was conducted on the basis of the media system Medialogiya, which includes more than 3 500 most influential sources in Russia: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, news agencies, online media and blogs.
Twenty most famous men in the Russian information field looks like this (right specified index ISS):
1) Dmitri Medvedev - 475 967482), Vladimir Putin - 340 694583) Barack Obama - 70 854564) Sergei Lavrov - 64 319475) Alexei Kudrin - 52 of 990,166), George Bush, Jr. - 46 355787), Nicolas Sarkozy - 41 389808) Alexy II - 39 815139), Yuri Luzhkov - 34 075.2710) Boris Gryzlov - 33 174.1911) Viktor Zubkov - 28 829.5712) Alexander Solzhenitsyn - 26 549.8013) Igor Shuvalov - 24 702.0814), Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 24 399.3815) Sergei Bagapsh - 23 490.7916), Igor Sechin - 22 099.7617) Sergei Mironov - 21 606.4818) Sergei Ivanov - 20 811.0819) Silvio Berlusconi - 20 692.2820) Anatoly Chubais - 20 685.79

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" began in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" began in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Interfax reports with reference to the general director of the publishing house "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and chief editor Vladimir Sungorkina.
So far, "MP - Abkhazia and MP - South Ossetia" in the face of these republics weekly circulation of five thousand copies are distributed free of charge. However, as soon as possible the circulation of both publications will be increased to seven thousand copies. In addition, over time, newspapers must begin to go more often.
Issue each newspaper is composed of two parts: the first tells of the events in the republic, the second is devoted to events in the world, which might be of interest to the reader.
Editor in Chief "Komsomolki stated that the newspaper is distributed free to a large extent due to the fact that the Republic has no structures that would implement the publications on a familiar pattern.
Sungorkin explained that the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "in fact, goes wherever there is a Russian-speaking population, so publishing house seemed logical to begin publication in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
The independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Russia has recognized in August 2008 after a military conflict with Georgia. Since then, Russia followed suit only in Nicaragua.

Awarded the prize in Moscow in the field of journalism.

Ceremony 10 prize to journalists in Moscow in 2008, was in the White Hall of the Metropolitan Municipality. That was reported by Interfax. "
Prizes were awarded, in particular, the agency "Interfax-Center Kologortsev Yuri, correspondent channel TV Center Irina Costa and columnist" Evening Moscow "Olga Nikolskaya.
Present at the ceremony, Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov pointed out that one can talk about "full independence of the media, even when such an event is taking place, as it is today." However, Luzhkov has warned journalists from taking extreme positions. Since its inception, the prize, according to the agency, it has awarded about 200 media representatives.

Jokes on Israeli television insulted Catholics.

Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church demanded that the Israeli comedian Lior Shlayn apologized to Christians for the jokes made in the broadcast TV Channel 10, tells AFP.
The report, circulated the members of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops in the Holy Land, jokes Shlayna called the "heinous attack" on the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. The bishops stated that this is another case in a series of permanent attacks on Christians in Israel and called on authorities to launch investigations.
Among the outraged Catholic jokes was scene in which Maria Joseph acknowledged that she had many men, a statement that she "became pregnant at 15 years of the same class, as well as the statement that caused the death of Jesus became overweight, out - for which he could not walk on vode.Ranee Christian priest called Pope Benedict XVI to postpone a visit to Israel, scheduled for May. Lior Shlayn bishops sent a letter with a proposal to apologize for these jokes on the air.

The New York Times settled a lawsuit Washington lobbistki.

The American newspaper The New York Times out of court to settle the dispute with Washington lobbyists Vikki Aysman (Vicki L. Iseman), who accused the publication of libel. As reported in the Friday newspaper, the dispute settled without monetary payment.
In December Aysman filed a lawsuit against The New York Times in connection with the publication February 21, 2008 article on the links lobbistki with presidential candidate from the Republican Party of John McCain. The newspaper, in particular, suggested that in 1999, during his first presidential campaign, McCain has maintained a close relationship with Aysman, which evolved into the novel. The amount of the claim, as reported by Reuters, was 27 million dollars.
While insisting in The New York Times, the February article was primarily devoted to the ethics of public officials and their relations with lobbyists, primarily critics saw the publication of a sexual scandal. As readers of the newspaper announced on the basis of the settlement of the claim that article does not incriminate Aysman in a romantic relationship with McCain or unethical lobbying clients.
The New York Times from its publication does not refuse, and executive editor Bill Keller (Bill Keller) has expressed confidence that the newspaper would be able to defend one's case in court. Outlined his vision dispute lawyers Aysman able to publish on the website of the newspaper.

In Khimki detained opposition newspaper distributors.

SyuzhetyPokushenie to Glavred "Himkinskoy truth" 09.02.2009Usilena Guard chief editor of Pravda Himkinskoy "
   In Khimki detained two distributors of the opposition newspaper "Pravda Himkinskaya alive", reported on 20 February agency "Interfax" referring to the leader of the movement "Protecting forests Himkinskogo Eugene Chirikova.
According to Chirikova, father and son Nikolayeva free newspaper distributed in the streets of the city. While the opposition was in possession of a contract for the distribution, they were detained by police without explanation.
In the law enforcement agencies this information has not yet commented.
In November of 2008 in Khimki had been beaten by the chief editor of Pravda Himkinskaya Michael Beketov. He is still in hospital. Beketov often criticized the city government, in particular, he actively opposed the felling of forests Himkinskogo.

New York Post apologized for the cartoon of a monkey in terms of Obama.

New York Post newspaper apologized to all those offended cartoon published on 18 February with pristrelennym police chimpanzees. Many saw in the picture hints at the U.S. president Barack Obama and accused the publication of racism.
In an editorial the newspaper explained that the cartoon ridiculed unfit, according to the publication, the plan to stimulate the American economy, Obama proposed by the Administration. The authors had no intention to portray the president himself.
At the same time, the publication noted that the publication of cartoons has become a long-standing opposition newspapers for the occasion to settle scores. Editors said that is not going to ask for forgiveness from them.
According to agency Reuters, the day after the publication of cartoons in front of New York Post editorial was a rally, hundreds of whom carried banners "Stop Racism!" and called for a boycott of the publication.
The scandal caused a cartoon in which a well-known illustrator Sean Delonas depicted two policemen shot and killed the monkey. One of them said that: "Now to look for another to create a plan for keeping the economy."
The basis of the plot pattern became sensational news about how to shoot advertising performing chimpanzees attacked girlfriend mistress. Rage animals were unable to calm down, even at the scene due to the police, who were forced to shoot a chimpanzee-telezvezdu.

U.S. Department of State demanded to find the killers of Anna Politkovskaya.

Press konferentsiiDelo Politkovskaya. What's next? 19.02.2009Na questions readers Lenty.Ru "answers the lawyer acquitted brothers Makhmudov Murad MusaevKommentariiNe nikogo19.02.2009Prisyazhnye remaining defendants were acquitted of murdering PolitkovskoySyuzhetyUbiystvo Politkovskoy19.02.2009Obvinyaemyh in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya lived osvobodiliGosudarstvenny and Department of State called upon the Russian authorities to find the killers of journalist" Novaya Gazeta "Anna Politkovskaya, reported Agence France-Presse on 20 February.
"We regret that the murder was never solved, - the representative of State Department said Gordon Duguid (Gordon Duguid). - We urge the Russian authorities as soon as possible to find the perpetrators of this crime and bring them to justice."
On Thursday, the jury acquitted all the accused in the murder of Politkovskaya - brothers Jabrayil Makhmudov and Ibrahim, a former member of Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergei Hadzhikurbanova, as well as the officer of FSB Ryaguzova Paul, who was suspected of having provided information about the killers of journalist residence. Assessors considered proven only the fact of the murder of Politkovskaya, however, to questions concerning the involvement of the accused to the crime, the jury unanimously gave a negative response.
Executors of the assassination, according to the investigation, was the third of the brothers Makhmudov Rustam. His case was severed production, and it is in international search.
Anna Politkovskaya was murdered in the entrance of his home in Moscow in October 2006. Customer crime investigation could not be determined.
Politkovskaya was widely known for his articles on the Chechen war and the situation in the North Caucasus, which criticized the policy of Russian authorities.

VGTRK Zyuganov refused the opportunity to make a "straight line".

VGTRK not give the Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov half the airtime, which was the prime minister, leader of United Russia, Vladimir Putin, during his "straight line" on 4 December. On receipt of the answer to query the Communist Party, as reported by Interfax, said the head of the legal service of Vadim Soloviev.
Recall, first, the Communist Party sent VGTRK request, to determine on what basis, Vladimir Putin, was granted more than three hours of airtime. The response stated that the broadcasts had been granted him as head of government, and not as the leader of United Russia. "
However, the Communist Party, given that in the preparation of Putin attended reception of United Russia, did not agree with this assessment. In the party believed that Putin's statement "was fifty-fifty as a leader in the 'United Russia', and Head of Government." Therefore, the Communists, and require half the airtime, which had a prime minister, leader of the Communist Party.
According to Vadim Soloviev, VGTRK response consists of two phrases. The first refers to the misunderstanding of how to assess the extent to which Putin has acted as a, as in the Communist Party did not request such an evaluation criteria. In the second sentence, as Solovyov told, it is alleged that the company will regularly cover the activities of all Russian political parties.
Communist Party had not yet decided whether to apply to the court or prosecutor's office in connection with the incident. The authorities should ensure equal access of parties to public media, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 32 of the Law on Political Parties. "
According to VTsIOM, for Putin's speech on 4 December followed by nearly two-thirds of Russians. Premier answered over 70 questions, most of which dealt with economic problems.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

British court banned the writing on the 13-year-old father.

High Court of Great Britain banned the media to publish new material on the Brits, who became a father for 13 years, writes The Independent. According to the judge, the young Alpha Patten, as well as a young mother and her child should be allowed to return to normal life.
News that the young Briton was the father, was published last Friday in the newspaper The Sun. Reported that the mother of the child became a friend of Patten, 15-year-old Shantelli Stidmann. Young parents said their daughter Meysi would be a good family.
A little later, two more teenagers have admitted that they had sexual relations with Shantelli. Next week should be held examination of DNA, which will show who really is the father of the child. However, the media banned from publishing the results of the analysis.
According to a court order, Article 8 (right to respect for private and family life) of the European Convention for the protection of human rights takes precedence over Article 10 (freedom of expression). Max Clifford, who is a representative of Alpha Patten, said that it delayed the decision because now the names of all these people have been known to the general public.

Shut down the most popular news site in Azerbaijan.

One of the most popular online news resources of Azerbaijan Day.Az closed and will not work for the second day.
The site is not just closed, the information about it is removed from the DNS-servers. The English version of the project ( reports that the project is closed. Thus version of the technical problems was not confirmed.
As IA REGNUM, with reference to a "competent source" site is the agency temporarily blocked "for political reasons related to the publication of the interview, which affects certain Russian subjects."
Currently, there are just two 'political' version of the closure of the site: for the posting of information on the economic downturn, and for publishing an interview of Boris Berezovsky, in which he praised unflattering about Vladimir Putin.
This information circulated on the fall in GDP of Azerbaijan State Statistics Committee, and reprints the interview is still available on some Russian sites that continue to operate.
Azerbaijan Radio Liberty said that "the actual owner of the site is a member of parliament of Azerbaijan Anar Mamedhanov. In an interview with radio station he said he is updating the equipment Day.Az, and within a week the site should work again.
In turn, ANS agency notes that the site editor Elnur Baimov telephone calls is not responsible. Screen telephone calls editorial staff reported that the site is closed and the wording of any except it does not.
It is noteworthy that among the Azerbaijani bloggers dominate the thought that the site was closed for freedom.

In Pakistan, the funeral of slain journalist into a natural rallies.

Funeral of Pakistani journalist who was killed in the Swat Valley, controlled by the Taliban, into a natural protest, AFP reported on Thursday, 19 February.
Recall, on Wednesday, February 18, near the town of Matta shot in the head, was killed 28-year-old reporter for the Pakistani channel Geo TV Musa Hel Khan (Musa Khan Khel), covering a peaceful demonstration of local Islamists. Responsibility for the killing so far no one has not taken, while in Pakistan there is little doubt that the death of Musa Khan Hel involved militants Taliban have repeatedly threatened the media.
Reporters buried in the town of Mingora on Thursday. At the funeral attended by about 600 people, mostly zhurnalisty.Posle funeral, in another Pakistani city of Peshawar, located in the north-west, held a demonstration dedicated to the memory of the journalist. Participants carried banners reading "We demand justice!" And "We demand the arrest of the killers Musa Hel Khan."
According to the AFP, the same action took place on Thursday in Lahore, Karachi, Multan and some other cities in the north-west of the country.
Since the beginning of 2009 is already the fourth killing of a journalist in Swat valley. Note that in the Pakistani region over the past two years, radical Islamists under the leadership of its spiritual leader Maulana Fazlully (Maulana Fazlullah) seeking the imposition of Sharia law. They are almost completely controlled the valley, occasionally blowing up girls' schools, join in fighting with Pakistani troops and local people require strict compliance with the rules of Islam.

Pre-movie Communist Party had withdrawn because of suspicion of extremism.

The Election Commission of the region appealed to the Prosecutor's Office to verify the ether removed from the pre-roller for the content of the Communist Party of extremist statements. Reported Vedomosti.
The video, entitled "Do I need a field of monopoly of one party?" was shown on the air only once, after which a local TV show stopped him and asked for an explanation of izbirkom. President Vladimir oblizbirkoma Komatovsky at the CEC meeting on 18 February reported that the committee found video evidence of opposing groups on political grounds, and recommended that the TV "Vladimir" refrain from broadcasting.
As clarified at the Human Rights Center "Sova", consider the movie, it provides a brief negative comments of several people about the monopolistic power. In fact, according to the site, any particular party, "monopolized" the power of video is not mentioned.
In accordance with paragraph 5.2 of Article 56 of the Act on basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to vote in the referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation "parties and candidates can not use the TV to" describe the possible negative consequences if a candidate is elected. " You are also prohibited from mentioning competitors' combined with the negative comments. "
Elections to the Legislative Assembly of the region will be held on March 1. This day will be elections for the parliaments of a number of other subjects of the federation, will conclude the campaign to elect the mayors of several cities and held municipal elections and referendums in some regions.

New York Post portrayed the author of the plan Obama rabid monkey.

In the latest issue of the newspaper New York Post on February 18 was published a cartoon, which editors were accused of racism. In the picture shot by police chimpanzees, many saw a hint at the U.S. president Barack Obama.
In the cartoon, drawn-known illustrator Sean Delonasom showing two police officers and shot by a monkey. One of the policemen said: "Now to look for another to create a plan for keeping the economy." Note that the economic stimulus plan amounting to 787 billion dollars, recently approved by the U.S. leadership, it was proposed by the administration of Barack Obama.
Plot to Delonasom figure was drawn from the recent news about how advertising was trained monkey attacked the owner. Summoned to the scene, police were unable to pacify the infuriated animal, and the chimpanzee had to shoot.
For explanation to the Editor New York Post, and personally to the artist approached a number of publications, in particular - Huffington Post, but no comments either from newspapers or from the cartoonist has not yet been reported.

In Pakistan, television was killed after a peaceful march of the Islamists.

A Pakistani journalist was shot in the head in the north-western Pakistan's Swat valley, a large part of which is controlled by the Taliban, reported Agence France-Presse.
Reporter private Pakistani channel Geo TV Musa Hel Khan (Musa Khan Khel), covering a peaceful demonstration of local Islamists, was assassinated by unknown on the outskirts of the city of Matta. The murder occurred several hours later, after Khan Musa Hel has released the broadcast coverage of march. He was taken to City Hospital, but doctors have nothing to help him.
Reported that the responsibility for the murder of yet one does not take itself, but before the field commanders of local Taliban have repeatedly threatened Pakistani journalists.
Note that since the beginning of the 2001 anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan, many Taliban fighters and al-Qaida shifted its forces to the areas bordering the west of Pakistan, and the authorities are with their unsuccessful struggles.

Two banks have filed suits to the RBC.

Alfa-Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland (a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland in Russia) have filed suit to "RBC Information Systems", asking the court to recover the company's debt. That was reported by Interfax. "
Alfa-Bank requests to recover from RBC 41.8 million and interest at 25 thousand dollars. The debt arose from an urgent party transactions with securities and foreign exchange.
In turn, the "Royal Bank of Scotland will get through the Court of 5,17 million rubles due to the failure of RBC obligations under the loan agreement.
Recall that during the economic crisis RBC has been in a difficult financial situation due to the large number of debts. In early January, it was reported that RBC is negotiating to write off 80 per cent of the debt and making the remaining 20 per cent in the Eurobond issue, which can be exchanged for 30 percent of RBC. However, the company said that will be able to fully repay a debt of 235 million dollars in 2019.
Previously, it was reported that the holding of RBC in recent months conducted abbreviations, as well as reduced costs for some projects. In addition, Russian media wrote that the RBC is negotiating the sale of business.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The crisis has deprived Germany, the magazine Vanity Fair.

Handbook of American publishing house Conde Nast has decided to close down the German version of the glossy magazine Vanity Fair. The reason for the suspension of publication of a serious financial difficulties, which Conde Nast face of the financial crisis, reports AP.
The head of Conde Nast, Jonathan Neuhaus, commenting on the closure of the magazine, said that under normal conditions in the German Vanity Fair has continued to exist. However, in this situation, a further withdrawal magazine possible.
Note that the weekly Vanity Fair was published in Germany a little less than two years: the first edition in German appeared on the shelves in February 2007. Edition of about 120 thousand copies.

Kadyrov will hold TV debates with his father terrorist "Nord-Ost".

The evening of Wednesday, February 18, President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, will take part in a debate broadcast live TV "Lincoln", reportedly at the site of the Government of the Republic. Together with him in the TV Special pouchastvuet former leader of Chechen extremists Dokie Umarova in Europe Bukhari Barayev. Father Movsar Barayev responsible for hostage-theater center on Dubrovka in 2002, 17 Feb, 2009 announced the intention to break with the separatists, and to return to Chechnya.
Also take part in televised and other persons occupying positions in the Government of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria - Ramzan Ampukaev, now deputy adviser to the European Parliament on issues of refugees, and Magomed Hambiev earlier, former Defense Minister Ichkeria. That was reported by Interfax. "
All of the above, as well as religious leaders, politicians and representatives of creative intelligentsia will discuss why some young people join gangs illegal. TV theme articulated as "Prospects for development of the Chechen Republic."

The drop in advertising revenue threatens the closure of every tenth edition.

In the short term, every tenth publication in the world because of the falling revenue from advertising due to the economic crisis, will reduce circulation and frequency of the output or even cease to exist, the "RBC daily", with reference to study the consulting company Oxford Analytica.

At the same time may diminish the quality and diversity of the reader materials, due to the fact that many major publications being forced to reduce or close their korpunkty overseas. According to Oxford Analytica, the international news coverage in recent years has deteriorated.

Market participants media note that the downward trend in circulation will be most likely long-term nature. As one of the measures which should help overcome the crisis is seen expanding the presence of print media over the Internet.

Previously, it was reported that revenues from the Russian press advertising by March 2009 can be reduced by one third, while some observers believe such predictions, even too optimistic. According to the "RBC daily", at the beginning of February 18 major publishing houses in Moscow said that the cut runs from 3 to 60 percent.

Dmitry Medvedev was unable to overtake the popularity of Jack-Sparrow.

On the economic crisis in an address by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, last February 15 on the channel "Russia" in the "News Week", was unable to overtake the popularity of a movie about Jack Sparrow, while broadcast "First Channel", said Kommersant.

In Moscow, the proportion of the audience the final of the "News Week" did not exceed 17 per cent, while the widely advertised the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean. The Curse of" Black Pearl "collected 21.4 per cent audience.

Speech by Dmitry Medvedev also was unable to overtake the popularity of a weekly issue of "clean confessions" on NTV, which has collected 18.2 per cent.

But in Russia the share of audience "Vesti week, where made by Dmitry Medvedev, has been more about sharing it with the film, Jack Sparrow: 22,4 and 22,5 percent respectively.

Radio, "says Moscow" was accused of censorship because of a malfunction in the air.

Activists Yabloko accused the radio station ", says Moscow in censored after the broadcast of the program was suspended in the air party member who spoke. Representatives of radio stations have rejected accusations of censorship and said that the broadcast interrupted for technical reasons, reports RIA Novosti.
Broadcast radio stations, "says Moscow" disrupted the morning of 16 February. According to Yabloko, broadcast stopped when the air was the "views of the parties." Located in a studio executive secretary politkomiteta party Galyna Mikhaleva talked about corruption in the higher echelons of power. As soon as she called Moscow's largest bank, whose board of directors attended by representatives of United Russia and the members of the Moscow government, broadcasting, say representatives of Yabloko, was interrupted.
Recording of the "Views of the parties, posted on the website" Moskva.FM, indeed, was suspended immediately after Mikhaleva spoke about the bank "Moscow Mortgage Company." After several seconds of silence in the air has become a sound program of spelling and the transfer of fishing.
Representatives of the radio station said that the broadcast was interrupted from 07:42 to 11:59. This happened due to technical malfunction. Editor in Chief, "says Moscow Nikolai Yaremenko said that has failed to deliver the signal from the broadcast studio to Balashikha, from being retransmitted. And the responsibility for the incident rests with the partner radio station - operator "Comcor" added Yaremenko. He stressed that in the near future will repeat the radio transmission interrupted entirely.

Revolver Magazine will celebrate the contribution of Ozzy Osbourne in the development of music.

The leader of the group Balck Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne will be the music prize, founded the magazine Revolver, which covers the events of hard rock and heavy metal scene. That was reported by Blabbermouth. The musician will be marked for his contribution to music. The first ever awards ceremony Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards will be held April 7 in Los Angeles.
Television MTV2 will run a series of stories on the service of Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards. The program of heavy music "Headbangers Ball" MTV2 will present the nominated shows and actors. According to the editor of Revolver, organizers Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards is very pleased that they managed to enlist the support channel.
It was expected that at a ceremony in Los Angeles made by metal-Kor group Killswitch Engage, their All That Remains, hardcore punk band Hatebreed, as well as other groups, a list which will be announced. At the event invited the leader of Lemma Motorhead Kilmister, party groups Tool and A Perfect Circle Maynard James Keenan, one of the founders of the project Dethklok (metal band from the cartoon "Metalokalipsis) Brandon Small and other musicians.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The authorities threatened to Solikamsk Court TV channel "Russia".

The City of Solikamsk in the Perm region are considering filing suit against the administration of "Russia" in connection with the issuance of the "honest detective, came on the air last week. According to the radio station "Echo of Perm, in the program Solikamsk was called the" city of prostitutes, drug abusers and areas. "
According to Vice-Mayor Solikamsk Dmitry Perminova, "the administration had questions: how it all might be said on the air, so if it is not." He stressed that "the positive image that we have formed, one story came to nothing." "The Office of Internal Affairs has the first place in the forefront of the lack of indicators for prostitution," - explained Perminov.
One of the most recent stories "honest detective," which dealt with the Solikamsk, was a program devoted to the former special forces diver Marines who "kill police officers and security guards in order to seize their weapons."
Chief-editor of "honest detective Andrei Bakhtin, responding to the comments of one user in a forum TV, said that the program was not the phrase" city of prostitutes, drug abusers and areas. " The message left Bakhtina, said: "literally in the program were the following:" In the north of Perm Region is a small town Solikamsk. It is surrounded by defense and colonies for especially dangerous criminals. Many local residents are employed at these sensitive spetsobektah. The criminal situation in Solikamsk easy. There is drug trafficking, and prostitution. "

Radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" to work in test mode.

Publishing house "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has begun test transmissions on the same radio frequency 97,2 FM in Moscow. The official launch is expected in March 2009, reports RIA Novosti.
According to the Director General of the publishing house "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Vladimir Sungorkina, the frequency of the broadcast was able to get in 4 cities, not including the capital - in Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Tver and Vladimir. He noted that although the crisis and the "little brace" publishing house, studio "KP" dostraivaetsya, and active radio advertising will begin in a month. Now, radio broadcasts while in test mode, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", according to Sungorkina "looking for their way."
Radiostation "Komsomolskaya Pravda" was conceived as a "full colloquialism radio." No details about the broadcasting schedule has not yet been reported. Calculated radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" is on the students aged 35 to 50 years. The amount of investment attracted to the establishment of the radio station did not specify.
The fact that the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" is going to create a radio station, became known in 2007. Then, it was assumed that the project will be called "Total Radio", and its main content will become the regional news.

Founder of the Islamic TV channel in the U.S. beheaded his wife.

The founder of the Muslim TV channel in the United States admitted that beheaded his own wife. CNN notes that the cable channel Bridges TV, broadcasts in the New York State, was established Muzammilom Hassan (Muzzammil Hassan), to overcome in the minds of viewers negative stereotypes about Islam.
Decapitated body Aasii Hassan (Aasiya Hassan) was found in a room studios Bridges TV, which is in Orkard Park, City of Buffalo. On Thursday Muzammil Hassan was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Previously, the deceased, who in January has filed papers for divorce, complained to the police for acts of violence by a spouse.
As the chief of police Orkard-Benz Park Andrew (Andrew Benz), Hassan appeared voluntarily at the police station and made a confession. The details do not matter Benz reported a comment from a lawyer and relatives of killers to journalists obtain. From murdered his wife in Hassan, two children aged 4 and 6 years old, have two children, 17 and 18 years, he has from a previous marriage.
We know that Aasiya as her husband was involved in the creation of Bridges TV, and worked on the TV. Bridges TV was founded in 2004, it is intended as the first English language cable television service for the Muslims living in the U.S., and the aim of the project known as the overcoming of negative attitudes towards Muslims, created after the attacks of September 11, 2001. In connection with the murder of Hassan administration Aasii TV said the "shock and sadness."
Local newspaper The Buffalo News reported on Tuesday that some advocates of women tied up the murder of Hassan Aasii religious and cultural affiliations of her family. Marcia Pappas (Marcia Pappas), president of the National Organization for women (National Organization for Women), said: "It is obvious that this terrorist version of" honor killings ", rooted in cultural beliefs about the subordination of women to men."
Pappas noted that acts of domestic violence to all cultures, but stressed that Muslim women more difficult to make these acts in the public domain. Human rights activist also expressed regret that the recent murder did not receive sufficient coverage in the national media: it happened in one day collapse in the Buffalo suburb of passenger aircraft, which resulted in the deaths of 50 people.

Classic "New Journalism" was awarded the prize shelf.

One of the most prestigious U.S. journalism awards - the George Shelf Award for his contribution to the profession - in 2009 awarded Gaya Thalys (Gay Talese), one of the founders of the "new journalism", the author of books " Thy Neighbor's Wife "(" neighbor's wife ") and" Honor Thy Father "(" Honor thy father "), informs Associated Press.
Thalys began his career in the newspaper The New York Times as a messenger, then became a reporter and columnist. Fame he had published in magazines The New Yorker, Harper's and Esquire. He is the author belong to become classics of the article about Frank Sinatra, Joe Dimadzhio, Dina Martina.
Shelf Award in 1949, awards the University of Long Island. The award received the name in honor of CBS journalist George Regiment killed during the civil war in Greece.

Chinese journalist survived after falling from the roof of high-.

Chinese journalist February 17, received serious injuries after falling from the roof of a 25-story building, said news agency Xinhua.
The reporter fell from the roof at approximately 8:45 am local time during the filming in the province of Zhejiang. He worked on television Venchzhou.Soobschaetsya city that during the filming was quite a strong wind, however, it is not clear what led to the downfall. The journalist was taken to hospital. By 16:00 it was still in serious condition.

Kashpirovsky could become a major new show on NTV.

Television channel NTV is preparing the premiere of a new talk show with the participation of Anatoly Kashpirovskogo, the Internet portal LIFE.RU, Monday, 16 February. The press service of NTV "it did not comment, citing the fact that" it is too early. "
As the LIFE.RU with reference to its sources in the company, Kashpirovsky will not conduct mass hypnosis sessions, which he spent in Soviet television. It will come to the studio, Russian celebrities and Kashpirovsky will hold their psychotherapy (Kashpirovsky has 25 years experience psychotherapist). LIFE.RU notes that guests will "let one's hair."
The date of the premiere of the portal is not telling. However, according to LIFE.RU, in the shooting of the new project has brought together singer and TV Lolita Miliavskaya as well as actor Michael Porechenkov.
Note Anatoly Kashpirovsky was widely known in the Soviet Union after 1989, he held several mass hypnosis sessions, giving viewers "install" to healing. In 2006, the Prosecutor's Office of Chelyabinsk attracted Kashpirovskogo administratively liable for the illegal occupation of traditional medicine.
Recall that in late January 2009 on NTV has already held a premiere. Sergei Minaev, author of "Duhless", "Media Sapiens" and "The Telkom started a weekly discussion show" Honest Monday.

Promotional American transmission does not reach Cubans.

Programs Radio Marti and the same channel, created by the U.S. government for the people of Cuba, looked less than 1 percent of 11 million inhabitants of the island, transfer agency UPI. This conclusion is contained in the report of the General Office SShA.Za more than 20 years of TV and Radio Marti has received from government funding of about $ 500 million, but Cuban authorities have all been successfully "jamming" signal, so the propaganda of Western values to the recipients are not income.
The report being subjected to criticism not only the effectiveness of television and radio, but the level of questionable transfers. In particular, the Office draws attention to the biased coverage of events, unverified information and "offensive and inflammatory language."
At Office of Cuba Broadcasting, TV and radio station management, noted that, in general, agree with the conclusions of the report, but rejected accusations of integrity. "We are very attentive to this. We are objective, informative, honest and weighed," - said the head of Pedro Roig (Pedro Roig).
Roig also questioned the objectivity of the methodology used for audience measurements of radio and TV Marti. He recalled that the independent sociological research in Cuba is not possible, a telephone survey with the Cubans are afraid of provocations and do not report the true state of affairs. In the Office of Cuba Broadcasting convinced that annual funding in the amount of TV and 34 million dollars to be retained.
The radio station Radio Marti was established in 1985 and in 1990 appeared the same channel, like a travel agent.

Monday, February 16, 2009

In the editorial "Samara newspaper looking for unlicensed software.

In the Community edition of" Samara newspaper, police are looking for unlicensed software. On the verification of the agency "Interfax" reported the newspaper director Sergei Kurt-Adzhiev.
According to him, the police checked the documentation, but have not yet declared their intention to withdraw the system unit. The Director is in the wording and waits for the network administrator.
Kurt-Adzhiev previously was editor in chief of the regional release of "Novaya Gazeta". In 2007, police confiscated from the publication of all computers and financial records, after which the edition was discontinued.
In July 2008, Kurt-Adzhiev was found guilty of using computers for drafting unlicensed software companies Microsoft and 1C and sentenced to a fine of 15 thousand rubles. Editor-in-chief did not agree with the verdict. He said that he has all the necessary documents and licenses, and prosecution is associated with their profession and that his daughter, Anastasia is an organizer of "March of dissent" in Samara.
The court is obliged to destroy all unlicensed software on computers seized from the "Novaya Gazeta" and return the equipment owner. Kurt-Adzhiev vowed to appeal the verdict.
In late 2008, Kurt-Adzhiev was appointed director of the Samara newspaper. In a number of regional media suggested that the publication is under the patronage of the mayor and the leader of the Samara regional branch of the party "Fair Russia" Victor Tarkhova.

"Our" accused "the New newspaper for libel for Alexiy II.

Activists of the youth movement" Nashi "charged edition of Novaya Gazeta in the defamation of the deceased in December 2008 Patriarch Alexy II. The site posted a statement the head of the movement of Orthodox body movement Boris Yakemenko, in which the "Novaya Gazeta" demand an apology to all veruyuschimi.Kak the agency "Interfax" in Monday, February 16 group of activists "our" event arranged by the wording of "Novaya Gazeta" in Moscow. It involved about 15 people who distributed leaflets and holding banners reading "Do not let insults the memory of the late Patriarch Alexy! and "Novaya Gazeta" - Sorry! ".
The reason for the charge of libel was the article "The pastor, multiplying flock," published in the issue of "Novaya Gazeta" of 8 December 2008.
According to Boris Yakemenko, "Our thought for slander patriarch" and more importantly: he was a "way of God on earth, blessing his name questionable government initiatives (such as the war in Chechnya), to fill the shortfall of legitimacy." In addition, activists believe lies contained in the article claim that Alexy II's successor will be elected under the control of Kremlya.Boris Yakemenko said that sent a letter to the editor with the apology, but received no response, the press, signed by the author is not Alexei Golovinskii article and not the principal editor Dmitry Muratov, editor of a department of "Culture" Olga Timofeeva. According to Yakemenko, he refused to apology on the grounds that "the text of the article read and understood correctly. Yakemenko argues that the movement" Nashi "has an expert opinion, which stated that the article contained defamatory.

Chicago Tribune newspaper, declared war on corruption in Illinois.

Chicago Tribune newspaper has declared war on corruption, which suffers from Illinois. In the editorial of Sunday's newspaper proclaimed the beginning of the campaign against the culture of political grubbiness.
Currently, ex-Illinois Governor George Ryan is serving a prison term for corruption, and his successor, Rod Blagojevic ousted from his post and waiting for the court. In this edition of the publication stresses that it is precisely a corrupt "culture" and not only on individual high-profile crimes.
"At every politician trying to sell in the U.S. Senate, there are hundreds of others who use us for personal or political gain," - says the article. As a result, the harmful effects of corruption was subjected to all 12 million people of Illinois. In the Chicago Tribune believes that the perpetrators of this situation are the citizens themselves, who are not sufficiently strict asked by their elected representatives.
In particular, Chicago Tribune plans to combat the secrecy authorities of different levels, detailed, formal decisions, as well as to state legislators from the real reform of the administrative apparatus, which is believed to read as unduly razrossya simply be impregnated corruption.

"Fergana.Ru" win Russian xenophobia pilaf recipes.

The site of Uzbek news "Fergana.Ru" started the project "Bill", aimed at combating xenophobia in Russia. As the authors of the project, due to several factors, the Russians began to relate to people from Asia ", with a touch disgust and hostility, which comes from the fact that Russia badly know Asian culture.
Eliminate cultural illiteracy Russians "Fergana" is planned to be published on the cultural developments in Russia, one way or another connected with Asian countries. Among them - concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions and so on.
  In addition, the creators of "Posters" have promised to share with readers recipes pilaf and other traditional dishes from Asia. Note that currently on the main page of "Posters" Fergana "published" the most stupid "pilaf recipe, taken from a women's magazine. Prepare pilaf recipe for this edition of "Fergana" categorically not recommended.