Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zyuganov wants to hold an analogue of Putin's "straight line".

CPRF demands party leader Gennady Zyuganov opportunity to talk with telezritelyami live, as it did in early December, the leader of United Russia, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
According to Interfax, referring to the MP-communist Vadim Soloviev, earlier appealed to the VGTRK with a request to give an answer on what basis the leader of another party received a free broadcast on TV "Russia".
"The period allowed by law to give a response has expired. Therefore, we are beginning to prepare a letter to the head of VGTRK to provide the same broadcast Zyuganov," - said Solovyov.
TV "A conversation with Vladimir Putin" went on TV channel Russia "on 4 December. According to VTsIOM, followed by nearly two-thirds of Russians. "Direct Line" Putin lasted more than three hours. Prime had to answer 72 questions, most of which dealt with economic problems.

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