Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In the Ukrainian mass media does not find persuasive publications against NATO.

In the all-Ukrainian competition for the best material on NATO jury did not find convincing publications against joining an alliance, passes on Wednesday Agency UNIAN.Zamestitel Director of the NATO Foreign Ministers from Ukraine, Vadim Pristayko, a member of Jury found that "there were no compelling works, new arguments that would make a conclusion about the appropriateness of preserving vneblokovogo the status of Ukraine.
Meanwhile determine the winners among the authors of articles in favor of accession to NATO is still possible. First place was taken by the correspondent of Kiev magazine "Іменем law" Yuri Vertel, published series of articles "human factor" and "Stop, who is? Or why I am for entry into NATO." The winner received a prize of $ 5 thousand hryvnia.
3 thousand hryvnia for the second place won deputy chief editor of Lviv newspaper Visoky Castle "Askoldu Ereminu. Third place was taken by the pensioner, a veteran of World War II Vasily Shparik, published in Lviv newspaper Стрийські Visti. "As pointed out by jury chairman, chief editor of the UNIAN Aleksandr Kharchenko," journalists have proved that, in such complex issues as the prospects for accession to NATO You can find convincing arguments for even the harshest skeptics. " However, bright, with non-standard journalism "moves" publications did had little to the large and quite vysokooplachivaemogo press shop, "he lamented. Ukrainian competition for the best material on NATO was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the agency UNIAN and started on 4 October 2008. The competition was attended by more than 50 authors from all over Ukraine, as the most active participants were from Kiev and Lviv region.

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