Friday, December 26, 2008

Belgian TV for the third time criticized for its lack of respect for Jews.

   Belgian Jewish organizations protested in connection with the jokes about the Holocaust, which were announced in the broadcast VRT television show Het Besluit. On this December 25, reports Associated Press.
21 December funster Philip Geubels, speaking at the Het Besluit, commented on the recent withdrawal from the ether VRT cooking programs about Hitler's favorite food. The transfer did not show because of the protest Jews. "What they will do if in Antwerp will be a major gas leak? Served on the city to court for provocation?" - Said Geubels. In Antwerp, there are large Jewish community.
Also Geubels noticed that the repetition of the Holocaust can not be, because over the last few years, Jews poumneli. "They are dispersed all over the world. Try to surround them now! Most of them are in America, so you can not send them by train to Germany" - explained the artist.
"What comic said, it is his job. But VRT decided to include it in the show. In this connection, you can ask a question: is the task of public service broadcasting", - said the leader of the Jewish group Joods Actueel Michael Freydlih. Freydlih said that it intends to respond to the actions of the television legal methods.
VRT has been criticized by Jews for the third time in the last two months. In addition to the program of Hitler's favorite food, television has used the image of the Fuhrer in tourism advertising programs about Berlin (on other data, it was the advertising of the same cooking show). In multiplikatsionnom video with Hitler vskinutoy hand was depicted as a striptizera. That advertisement has caused resentment not only of Jewish organizations, but the German Embassy in Belgium. The video was taken off the air.

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