Monday, December 15, 2008

SPC will sell the format "Papin daughters" German television.

TV STS sell German television channel Das Vierte Dmitry Lesnevskogo right to adapt the series "Papin daughters," writes on Monday morning, the newspaper Kommersant.
As explained edition, the transaction is already at the final stage, it is expected that the transaction for the sale of a German channel will be completed this week. In the broadcast Das Vierte adapted series will be released in August 2009.
For information on the sale of rights to adapt the series has already confirmed the general director Vyacheslav Murug STS. But he did not name the amount of the transaction, noting only that it would be consistent with the price at which Russian companies redeem Western television rights to adapt overseas programs.
Experts note that this is the first case of selling the rights to adapt the series, filmed in the original Russian format of the so-called "sitkoma" (situational comedy). In the event that the adaptation of the series in Germany will be successful, it would be a "real breakthrough national production", said President of Amedia Alexander Akopov.
Showing "Papin daughters" began at the CCC in 2007; last year it was the fourth in the list of most rating television channel. Television channel Das Vierte was purchased Lesnevskim - one of the founders of REN-TV - in June 2008. According to Kommersant, the purchase cost the Russian businessman TV in about 20 million euros.

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