Sunday, December 28, 2008

Journalist Michael Beketova was discharged from intensive care.

SyuzhetyPokushenie to Glavred "Himkinskoy truth" 30.11.2008Za capture beat Beketov declared nagradaKommentariiBorets for himkinskuyu pravdu14.11.2008V Khimki beaten by the chief editor of a local opposition newspaper
Editor in Chief "Himkinskoy truth" Michael Beketov transferred from intensive care to a normal ward, Interfax reports on Thursday, December 25.
As the agency Evgenia Chirikova, the leader of a movement for the protection Himkinskogo Forest Ekooborona, Michael Beketov respond to a voice, but he could not speak. It is a long rehabilitation period. Now journalist required donated blood for the upcoming operations.
Michael Beketov was discovered on 13 November this year at his home in the Moscow Khimki with severe injuries in an unconscious state. Since craniocerebral injury and a closed fracture of the right tibia, he was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a coma in a Moscow Institute Sklifosovskogo.
It was a complicated operation to remove skull fragments from brain tissue. Beketov amputated his right leg and three fingers on his hand. From coma journalist released on 27 November.
A criminal case on the assassination attempt on the life Glavred "Himkinskoy truth" is on the personal control of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.
November 28, a lawyer battered journalist Stalin Gurevich announced compensation of 500 rubles to anyone who can help find the perpetrators and sponsors of that crime.
It is believed colleagues Beketov, the attack was caused most likely that the journalist is actively opposed the construction of federal highway, which was to go through Himkinsky forest. In Khimki held numerous protests against the construction of roads.
It should be noted that on 22 December Himok Mayor Vladimir Strelchenko canceled their order of 2005 on the construction through the forest Himkinsky paid highway Moscow-St Petersburg ". Former deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol then explained the decision to cancel construction Strelchenko not enough, as is still in force available to the construction of the road, signed by the governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov.

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