Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"The Simpsons" became the favorite writers Guild Award.

Multserial "The Simpsons" has become a favorite writers Guild Award for achievements in the field of broadcasting for 2009, reports Reuters. Serial Metta Groningen nominated to receive honors five times.
Four episode "Simpsons" individually compete for the award for best cartoon. According to the list of nominees, published on the site Guild, the episodes of "Apocalypse Cow", "The Debarted" and "E Pluribus Wiggum" of the 19 th season series, as well as "Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words" of the 20 th season series.
In addition, "The Simpsons" can get an award for best comedic TV, which earlier this series does not receives. Prizes for the best cartoon episodes of some series have been in previous years.
At the rank of the best comedy show on the version of the Guild writers claim to "30 Rock", "Entourage", "The Office" and "Weeds". Ceremony held on February 7, 2009: awarding will be held simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York.

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