Thursday, December 18, 2008

The inauguration of Obama will show a children's channel.

American children's channel Nickelodeon plans first to cover the inauguration of new president of the United States, passes on Thursday agency Associated Press. Barack Obama will enter into Post 20 December 2009.
During the presidential campaign channel found that the child audience interested in politics no less an adult. In online voting at the "presidential elections" Nickelodeon was attended by 2.2 million young viewers. The winner was Obama - he received 51 percent of votes against the 49-ty per cent of John McCain. The gap between the candidates was smaller than in the actual voting, said agency.
As described on the channel, the entry Obama office will be covered during the commercial breaks and in between the usual reference to a prime-time. Audiences will offer historical background on how the inauguration took place earlier presidents, as well as interviews with young people, which makes about Obame and his speech. Samu it in a live broadcast would not, however, immediately after the conclusion of the ceremony, children will see excerpts from the message of the president.
In 2008, Nickelodeon has also covered the first election campaign. Reporters channel even went onto the Republican and Democratic parties. Unlike Democrats, Republicans journalists children's channel to the event is not allowed.

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