Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"BBC" will resume broadcasting in Kyrgyzstan.

Director of the National teleradiokorporatsii Kyrgyzstan (NTRK) Melis Emshikanov said that the broadcasting of Russian and Kyrgyz services, "the BBC" will resume on Dec. 11 after transferring to the NTRK of "Bee -BBC "150 thousand dollars, reported Interfax.
He also said that the suspension of broadcasting of radio stations "BBC" and "Freedom" in the country was caused by financial and technical difficulties radio stations because nothing to do with politics.
"Once you have decided on the repayment of debt owed to natskorporatsiey, broadcast programs will resume", - said Emshikanov.
However, Kirghiz expert in the field of media, Alexander Kulinsky believes that the incident to service "BBC" is a pressure on freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan, and financial difficulties can be resolved, without recourse to halt broadcasting.
Kyrgyz opposition parties issued a statement that the cessation of broadcasts of international radio stations is an extension of "massacre of independent media" in the country.
"Svoboda" no longer go on the air NTRK in early October 2008, and the "BBC" - from 1 December.

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