Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pulitzer Prize award online edition.

From the 2009 Pulitzer Prize will serve as journalists for material published in print media, both inside and outside publications on the Internet, reported AFP on 8 December, with reference to the statement by the Organizing Committee Prize.
In the declaration states that "the articles published online, may be put forward for competition prizes in any one of 14 nominations."
According to the Executive Secretary of premium Shiga Gisslera (Sig Gissler), the move is "a logical continuation of the historical mission of the prize." "Pulitzer Prize evolves - Gissler said. - For example, we added a picture in 1943, as well as scientific and popular journalism."
He also noted that the gradual materials from the Internet, to varying degrees, have come to the attention of the prize since 1999 - but were allowed materials published both on paper and online. Since 2006, a nomination for the prize were admitted material from sites of newspapers, which have not been published in their print versions. Nevertheless, the actual materials online editions so far allowed only in the categories "news" and "news photos"
Pulitzer Prize awarded in 1917 and is the most prestigious prize in professional journalism in the United States. The winners of the Prize for 2009 will be named in April.

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