Friday, December 12, 2008

In the "straight line" with Vladimir Putin, followed by two-thirds of Russians.

On Thursday, 11 December, VTsIOM published the results of social poll, which for TV "conversation with Vladimir Putin," followed almost two-thirds of Russians.
  Recall, December 4, Prime held a "straight line" with the Russians, which lasted more than three hours. Putin answered over 70 questions, and the webcast, sponsored TV channel "Russia", which lasted over three hours. Most of Russians regard to economic problems.
According to VTsIOM, the majority of Russians (63 percent) followed the program. Of those, 30 percent saw some snippets of live, 17 per cent closely watched "straight line" from beginning to end, 16 percent have read about the program in the media.
Compared with the year 2007, the proportion of those who, to varying degrees expressed interest in the "straight line" with Putin, virtually unchanged (last year this number stood at 64 per cent of Russians). 36 percent did not follow the speech of Prime Minister (in 2007 - 35 per cent).
Among the issues that Russians would like to ask Vladimir Putin, the most common - to raise pensions and retiree benefits (7 percent). At 5 per cent of the respondents were asked to premiere on when the crisis, what specific measures taken to combat it, and raising wages, inequality in income. 4 percent would like to get answers from Putin about the problem of unemployment, cuts in enterprises.
39 percent of respondents said that they have no desire to ask Vladimir Putin to your question.
Russian VTsIOM poll held on 6-7 December this year. Polled 1600 people in 140 settlements of Russia.

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