Friday, December 12, 2008

Newsweek cut staff.

Company The Washington Post Co., Owns the American weekly Newsweek, is planning to decrease staff publication, reported AFP, referring to The Wall Street Journal.
Dismissals are expected in coming days. Number of seats downsizing is not yet known.
In addition, the company decided to change the format of the publication. The new version of the magazine will be thinner with a large number of photographs and analytical articles.
The owners of Newsweek also examines the possibility of reducing the circulation of printed publications from the current 2.6 million copies up to 500 thousand - 1 million.
Some newspapers and magazines in the U.S. due to financial difficulties arising from publications, are planning to focus on his presence on the Internet. In particular, it is going to do the other two most popular weekly publications - US News and World Report.

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