Friday, December 26, 2008

Police series proved popular interview with Medvedev.

Interview with Dmitry Medvedev in the framework of the Year with the president of Russia in the "First" and "Russia" watched by an average of 5.5 per cent lower than the Muscovites than shedshy at the same time on NTV police series "Capercaillie", writes in the Friday newspaper Kommersant, citing data on the media company TNS.
The program, in which the Russian president responded to questions from the "First, Russia and NTV, was shown at various times in all three channels, the sooner all - on NTV, the program" Today "at 19:00. At its end on television showed the two series "Gluhar, just as in the" First "and" Russia "was an interview with the president.
An analysis of TNS, "The outcome of the Year" at NTV saw 17.1 percent of Moscow teleauditorii share "of Russia", show a program at 20:00, was 15.9 percent, while the proportion of "First", the "Results" was published in 21 : 15 - 15.7 percent. TV "Capercaillie" while 21.3 percent of Muscovites watched.
As it turned out, the other matched to the "end of the year" series on the different channels were also popular programs. It recalls the publication, "A Conversation with Vladimir Putin, held on 4 December 2008, saw 41 percent of Moscow teleauditorii.

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