Monday, December 29, 2008

In Iran on suspicion of spying arrested journalists "the BBC."

Iranian secret service was accused of spying and arrested several British citizens who had worked in Iran, correspondents Broadcasting Corporation "BBC". It is reported the Iranian edition Press TV.
As a member of the Iranian parliamentary commission on foreign policy and security, Mohammed Karim Abedi, espionage network, whose members operate under the guise of well-known television journalists, was organized with the assistance of the British Embassy in Tehran. Parliamentarians said that planned to deploy active throughout the country, "journalists" were not able to cause significant harm to national security.
The first suspicions arose from the Iranian special services after they became aware that British nationals in processing documents in the hotel changed names. On the number of those arrested were reported. Comments representatives of the BBC and British authorities also had not yet been received.
Official Tehran believes that the recent activities of foreign intelligence on the Islamic Republic has intensified. In late November, the authorities have announced the elimination of the Israeli spy network intelligence, which collected information on Iran's nuclear program.

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