Friday, December 26, 2008

Seaside journalists complained of the OMON.

Primorskaya public organization of journalists East demanded from the leadership of the regional air traffic control to investigate the actions of riot policemen who got beat and detained reporters covering the protest motorists in Vladivostok.
The authors of note that journalists were not participants in the rally, but simply to carry out their work. According to the organization, almost all the journalists who were in the square was applied force, many were injured. After that they brought to the police station.
According to the Maritime media, from the actions of riot policemen suffered crews First Channel, Russia, NTV, TVC, a local TV channel PTR, Japan's NHK, as well as the photographer of local newspapers and informagentstv. Some of them during the dispersal of the rally was damaged equipment. It is reported by Interfax. "
As writes RIA Novosti, the Union of Journalists of Russia is planning to apply to the State Duma of the Russian Federation to complain to Vladivostok MTSA. This was announced by Chairman of the Union Vsevolod Bogdanov.
The unauthorized protest against the increase of duties on inomarki took place in Vladivostok on 20 and 21 December. In the dispersal of rallies by police officers has been delayed by more than 60 people.
According to the online newspaper "Daily News Vladivostok, to disperse protesters took part OMON officers, specially sent from Moscow. According to the publication Capital OMON probudet in the city have at least a week and see to it that the coastal motorists are no longer conducted unauthorized protests.

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