Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alexander Lebedev opens in Moscow on a business radio station.

Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev opens in Moscow on a business radio station, says "Kommersant" on Wednesday, May 6.
According to the publication in the autumn of 2009, media businessman "New Media" will launch a second business radio station in Moscow, after the Business FM. In doing so, according to the businessman, the new station would not compete with the Business FM, so as to be less focused on news. The bulk of the ether to take an interview, analytical stories and talk shows.
Name of the new station are not reported. It will be run at a frequency of 94,4 FM, which now broadcasts radio lorgnette.
Investment in the launch will be around 3 million U.S. dollars. The source close to the businessman, said that in the new business of its radio advised top managers of the holding company United Media, Business FM started in March 2007. The consultation also involved the editor in chief of Business FM Dmitry Solopov.
Lebedev in February 2008 announced the acquisition of two radio frequencies - 94.0 and 94,4 FM. In February 2009, the businessman told the British media, which will open in Moscow, the English radio station, but no details are not announced.
Alexander Lebedev, is also a co-owner of "Novaya Gazeta" and the British Evening Standard.

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