Thursday, May 7, 2009

Senator Kerry declared the written press "endangered species".

U.S. Senator John Kerry announced printing of "endangered species", said channel CNN. Democratic politicians, who heads the Senate subcommittee on communications, noted that more and more people use the Internet to get information.
"As a means of timely transmission of news paper and ink are outdated, they overshadowed the power, efficiency and technological refinement of the Internet" - Kerry said on Wednesday before the Senate hearings on the prospects of printing industry in the United States. Earlier in the week, press secretary of the White House, Robert Gibbs announced that the funds to rescue bankrupt newspaper from the federal budget will be allocated.
Regret the impending collapse of the leading publications, Kerry also noted the great prospects for online journalists and announced that authorities should develop contacts with representatives of electronic publishing. In doing so, Kerry has questioned that the electronic media will be able to maintain existing professional standards of journalism in particular.
John Kerry represents the upper house of Congress in Massachusetts since 1985. In 2004 he took part in the presidential election as the candidate of the Democratic Party, but lost to President George W. Bush, in effect, Jr..

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