Thursday, May 14, 2009

Deputy Rospechati named winners of the crisis of publication.

KommentariiNa advertising deneg15.04.2009Soglasno no new forecast, the market expects no drop in adverts, as obvalProdazhi a number of magazines in Russia not only deteriorated, but even increased during the crisis, said Deputy Chief Rospechati Vladimir Grigoryev . Its words transmits "Interfax".
In particular, in January and February 2009 to 35 percent increased sales journal "Forbes", at 20 - the magazine "Money," said Grigory. At 15 per cent increase in sales of program guide "Antenna", "7 Days" and "Telenedelya; increasing sales of inexpensive magazines for women such as Lisa. My child," "Around the flowers" and "All for a woman."
This is particularly remarkable against the background of a general downturn in the coffee market, Grigoriev said. In particular, for the first two months of 2009 lost a glossy publication to 25 percent advertising. Rospechat predicts that for the year "shine" will lose 35-40 per cent of advertising.
The reason Grigorev called disengagement from Russia many major Western brands that have a lot to spend on advertising. Moreover, in his opinion, the coffee market has affected and devalued the ruble.
Grigoriev said that the most difficult situation because of the crisis were daily newspapers, the most time consuming and expensive to manufacture. For example, in December-January drop in advertising revenue of newspapers in St. Petersburg was about 60 per cent. Then the situation began to change for the better, but in March, the St. Petersburg press advertising charges amounted to only 62.3 percent of the indicators in October 2008, Grigoriev said.
In Rospechati predict that in 2009-2010 the Russian press market, publishing and printing industry will decrease, but this decline is not likely to be critical.
Earlier, the Association of Communications Agencies Russia reported that the domestic market of advertising media for the first quarter of 2009 decreased by 42 percent over the same period in 2008.

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