Saturday, May 30, 2009

Russian journalist had asked for asylum in Finland.

Journalist and human rights activist Elena Maglevannaya, writing about the torture in the Russian colonies, requested political asylum in Finland. This was reported on Friday, May 29, edition of "CIVITAS - Journal of Civil Society."
As the chairman of CIVITAS Editorial Committee for the Protection of Human Rights of Tatarstan Sergei Knjazkin, which, together with Elena Maglevannoy attended a Finnish-Russian Civic Forum, held 25-26 May 2009 in Helsinki, after the forum Maglevannaya not returned to Russia, but remained in Helsinki and wrote a treatment for political asylum by the Government of Finland.
At a human rights forum Maglevannaya delivered a report on the torture suffered by prisoners in the Russian-Chechen colonies. Earlier in Russia after its publication on the topic Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) has filed it in court.
13 May 2009 Kirov District Court in Volgograd Maglevannuyu found guilty of disseminating false information, tarnishing the honor and dignity of FSIN. The reason for the trial have been articles about the torture of journalist convict Chechen Zubayr Zubayraeva entitled "Fate of Chechens in Russian prisons, torture of prisoners continued Chechen", "Torture in the Russian colonies", published on the site CIVITAS.
The Court recognized these materials do not correspond to reality, Elena Maglevannuyu obliged to publish a refutation and pay for the FSIN fine of 200 thousand rubles.
As the CIVITAS Sergei Knjazkin, Elena Maglevannuyu "not worried as much as possible the payment of money, how much humiliation the publication in a newspaper refuting its publications. For her it was simply incompatible with the will and moral criteria by which it publishes the truth about the torture of Chechens."

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