Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Iraqi intelligence service demanded by the British newspaper million dollars.

The national intelligence service of Iraq (Iraqi National Intelligence Service, INIS) has accused the newspaper The Guardian for libel and the publication of a lawsuit filed in court. As compensation for the damage to the reputation of agency required to pay one million dollars, reported The Guardian.
The reason for discontent was the INIS article published in one of the April issue of the newspaper. It argued that the rule of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has become more authoritarian in nature. In doing so, the author relied on interviews of the three members of INIS, whose names are not mentioned.
This article was published during the visit of Iraqi prime minister to Great Britain. Al-Maliki has been in London, promised that the newspaper will be filed against a lawsuit. In addition to financial compensation, the Iraqi intelligence required to disclose the names of anonymous interlocutors edition.
As punishment, Iraqi authorities ordered to close the Baghdad office of The Guardian, but later canceled the decision. The beginning of the trial scheduled for June 23.
The newspaper has hired Iraqi lawyer to defend their interests in court. The Iraqi government is not the first time initiating litigation against the Western press. Earlier, the Interior Ministry of Iraq sued the newspaper The New York Times. Discontent led to officials report, which alleged that 35 of them were dismissed.

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