Friday, May 29, 2009

"First Channel" has agreed to broadcast in Ukraine.

Management CJSC "First Channel. World Network has agreed with the National Council of Ukraine for Television and Radio to continue broadcasting on the territory of the country. According to the press service of "First Channel" Received ", 28 May Natssovet filed registration papers on the subject of information activities.
Television director Nikolai Dubova said that the leadership of "First Channel" was sympathetic to the request oversight bodies to the net broadcast channels in accordance with the legislation and said that during the consultations and negotiations produced a set of measures that would lift all restrictions on the broadcast channel at Ukraine.Pervy Natssoveta Deputy Chairman Andrei Miroshnichenko, in turn, said that the submitted documents will be reviewed at the next meeting of the organization. "Actions by the Russian side suggests that the claim for broadcasting" First Channel "and the channels of" digital Telesemeystva "on the territory of Ukraine can be withdrawn," - added Miroshnichenko.
In mid-April, the National Council gave an indication of the Ukrainian providers before June 1, the net result of broadcasting in line with the law. In the message also recalled that the "first channel" has not complied with previous conditions of a temporary permission to broadcast.
Some media cited the decision of the National Council politically motivated. However, the supervisory authority argued that the conflict was not linked to the Russian-Ukrainian relations.

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