Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iran released the American journalist.

KommentariiMezhdu Barak and Mahmudom20.04.2009Zhurnalistka Roxana Saber gave the United States and Iran, a new reason to find out otnosheniyaSyuzhety Antispyware case Roxana Saberi11.05.2009Prigovor journalist reduced to uslovnogoAmerikanskaya journalist Roxana Saber sentenced in Iran for spying for eight years prison, was released home after a Monday court reduced her sentence to two years probation. This May 11, reports Associated Press.
At the moment it is in the house of friends of his parents in Tehran. Her father Reza Saber, Persian by descent, admitted that he did not expect such a quick release of the daughter. According to him, in the near future it is going to leave Iran. Samah Saber Roxana refused to communicate with the press.
The American journalist was detained in Iran on 31 January for the purchase of a bottle of wine, the sale of which is prohibited in the country. She was later charged with espionage, which was the fact that its accreditation period has expired as far back as 2006.
Commenting on her release, spokesman for the White House Robert Gibbs said that the United States support this humane move, stressing that Washington was still believes the charges against her baseless.

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