Friday, May 29, 2009

Chavez will speak on TV and radio, four consecutive days.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez began a four-day television and radio shows devoted to the tenth anniversary of the state of his program "Hello President," sends agency Reuters.

Anniversary Issue "Hello, President" will continue with minor interruptions, from Thursday to Sunday, however, say how many hours of May 31, complete the transfer, could not yet say even Chavez himself.

It is noted that Hugo Chavez has begun a program of the Council met to correct adolescent sexual behavior, and then gradually moved on to how he had to struggle with excess weight.

Then Hugo Chavez read a congratulatory letter from former President of Cuba Fidel Castro, saying that since its first release in the broadcast "Hello President" broadcast a total of 1536 hours, ie 64 days.

"Never has the revolution not to use the media as well", - stressed the Castro in the letter. "Hello, President" out every week on Sundays. Hugo Chavez is a program from all over the country. Running is not strictly limited to: Number one lasted eight hours.

Hugo Chavez makes extensive use of "Hello, President" for the promotion and advancement of socialist ideas in general, and its policy initiatives in particular. The program has also become a platform for high-profile foreign policy statements, including offensive attacks against the United States, which Chavez has repeatedly criticized the "imperialist" policies in Latin America.

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