Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two U.S. newspapers cease publication on paper.

Two regional U.S. newspapers - The Tucson Citizen and The Ann Arbor News - announced that will no longer be issued on paper by switching to online versions of the Internet. This is the agency Associated Press.
The Tucson Citizen is the oldest daily newspaper of Arizona. The last printed issue of the publication will be released on Saturday, May 16. Michigan The Ann Arbor News will cease to publish a paper version of 23 July.
The Tucson Citizen could close even earlier: in January the company Gannett, which owns the publication, said that the newspaper will close if it does not find a buyer before the end of March. But then it was announced that negotiations with potential investors, and the newspaper will continue until May. Later it became known that negotiations have failed.
Associated Press notes that The Tucson Citizen actually lost the battle for readers of the newspaper The Star. For comparison, the circulation of The Tucson Citizen is 17 thousand ekzmeplyarov, and The Star - 117 thousand. At the peak of its popularity in the 60 years of The Tucson Citizen published a circulation of 60 thousand copies.
In turn, due to the closure of The Ann Arbor News will be laid off 214 people. Some of them will go to work at the site, which will be the successor to the publication on the Internet.
The transition from paper to on-line version is due to the sharp decline in revenue from advertising. In the face of financial crisis, fewer companies want to publish an advertisement in the paper versions, preferring the Internet. In 2009, the U.S. has already closed the newspaper The Rocky Mountain News in Denver, and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is available only online. The Christian Science Monitor has transformed from a daily to weekly. In addition, several publishers have declared themselves bankrupt and sought protection from creditors.

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