Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moscow school teach "safe" reading newspapers and websites.

Moscow schoolchildren will learn to filter out information from Russian media. That was reported by Interfax on Monday, May 25.
The idea of introducing in the metropolitan school lessons on media education was endorsed at a joint meeting of the committee Mosgordumy on science, education, and the Duma Committee on Health Care and Public Health.
"The goal of media education - the formation of young people a critical attitude towards the media. We are well aware that we can not stop the flow of information, which now befalls us, but we can teach children to filter out useful information from the manipulative," - said at the meeting the head of the Duma Committee on Health Care and the Public Health Lyudmila Stebenkova.
In turn, the dean of faculty of journalism of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov Elena Vartanova said at the meeting that "media education - a comprehensive strategy that will facilitate a more active, more mature consumers of the information society." "In the Scandinavian countries, media education is aimed at all population groups, in Russia it useful to focus on school and university students of non-university", - said Vartanova.
According to Vartanova, you can introduce the subject of a separate media education as optional, but you can include it in the course of social science and literature.
According to Interfax, on the meeting of the deputies decided to offer the capital of the department of education to provide training of teachers at the rate of media education, to create a network of experimental sites at the gymnasium classes for the development of the technology media education.

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