Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spanish reality show was accused of contempt of the African tribes.

Spanish non-governmental organization, accused the organizers of the local reality show of contempt for the African tribes that are participating in the project. On this Wednesday, May 13, tells AFP.
According to human rights defenders working in the Spanish Commission for Assistance to Refugees, the authors of the "Lost in the tribe's" distorted information about the members of African tribes, showing their ignorant people with the primary representations.
As part of the show viewers show life three Spanish families, who were in the local tribes in Namibia and Indonesia. According to human rights charges, which the organizers of the project promised Africans was minuscule amount. At the same time to shoot the members of one of the tribes were forced to leave their ancestral lands and move to 700 kilometers for a comfortable shooting conditions.
In one of the episodes of the show, in which the interpreter brings the words of representatives of the tribe of San Bushmen in Africa, allegedly, expressing confidence that the Spaniards arrived to him from heaven. In addition, according to the representative of NGOs, participants of the tribe were forced to wear loincloths, while in normal life they are shorts, shirts and skirts.
In another episode of the members of one African tribe report that belonging to it is forbidden for women to bathe. According to leading agency, representatives of the tribe rarely wash not because of this ban, but because of the small amount of water in the region.
Themselves do not recognize the organizers of the program put forward in their address criticism, arguing that only tried to highlight the most colorful and the rudimentary aspects of daily life of local tribes.

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