Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Television advertising will appear for the first time Google.

Google announced the start of the first-ever corporate advertising campaign on television. According to a report published in an official company blog, will advertise the new browser Google Chrome.
Chrome was the first TV movie, the Japanese branch of Google assembled and shown to the public Friday, May 8. Following the first video Google has released another 14 spots promoting Chrome. Commercials Google Chrome can be viewed at the appropriate channel on the video-hosting YouTube.
"We look forward to the results of this experiment to determine if a television advertisement for greater attention to the browser, Chrome", - the authors of the message in the blog Google.
Remember, the first and only browser of Google appeared in September 2008. Since then, Google developers finished the regular program, improving its performance. Nevertheless, the browser from Google is not able to make a decent competition key market players - Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. According to analysts from Net Applications, Google Chrome enjoyed only 1.4 per cent internetchikov.

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