Saturday, May 23, 2009

The brother of Hustler publisher pornozhurnala gave to him in court.

Jimmy Flint filed in court for his brother, pornozhurnala Hustler publisher Larry Flint, reports Associated Press.
The lawsuit, filed in District Court Gamilton in the state of Ohio, Jimmy Flint argues that his brother is trying to illegally evict him from under his administration building, which houses the shop selling products Hustler. The building itself belongs to Larry Flint, who takes him to rent his brother.
As the site of, in the lawsuit, in particular, that Larry Flint accuses Jimmy in the absence of timely payment for the lease of the store, which does not correspond to reality. The amount of the alleged debt is 31 thousand dollars - money that Jimmy Flint, as he claims, is actually paid.
The lawsuit also states that the true motive of action Larry Flint is a response to the actions of two sons, Jimmy, who organized a company Flynt Media and released pornofilmy using belongs to the owner of Hustler brand.
Larry Flint is the owner of Larry Flynt Publications, which publishes Hustler magazine and some others, as well as shooting pornofilmov. In addition, Larry Flint has a casino in California, and several nightclubs.

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