Monday, May 25, 2009

The CEC will monitor the equality of parties before the media.

   RF Central has developed a method for monitoring access for political parties to television and radio in the inter period. This May 25, writes the newspaper "Vedomosti".
According to the recently adopted law "On guarantees of equality of the parliamentary parties in the coverage of their activities publicly state television and radio channels, all parties represented in Parliament is guaranteed by regular reference to the state media. The CEC will begin from September 1 to check whether the TV "Russia" and "Vesti-24", as well as the Radio of Russia "and" Mayak "paying equal attention to ruling party and opposition.
CEC member Maya Grishina told journalists that according to established methods, the CEC will calculate the time during which the broadcast were representatives of a party, and the number and total volume of messages on the activities of parties. In doing so, the transmitted information to the media about the activities of the authorities to take into account the CEC will not. Speeches deputies will be considered a "party access to the airwaves, only if the audience be told the deputy party affiliation or if he will talk about the parties.
Monthly observations will generalize the results of a working group comprising representatives of the CEC, political parties, mass media, the Public Chamber and Roskomnadzora. If you find that any party was present in the air for more than five minutes longer than their political opponents, the next month, the difference will be offset. According to the newspaper "Kommersant", for the radio maximum permissible error is even less - one party can not act on the air for more than a minute a month longer than the others. How much time each party must be present in the air, the method is not prescribed. CEC will only ensure that this time was equal for all parties.
A member of the CEC with an advisory vote of the Communist Party Andrew Klychkov in conversation with a journalist "Vedomosti" expressed the fear that television will often provide edinorosov both officials and the opposition - as representatives of the parties. Thus, it appears that the "United Russia" even loses airtime, and can expect to be compensated. Unnamed representative of "Russia" objected, arguing that the wording seeks to reflect the status of all serving politicians to make the fullest possible.
June 16, the CEC will hold a meeting with the parties, which will make proposals to improve the methodology for monitoring.
The law "On guarantees of equality of the parliamentary parties in the coverage of their activities publicly state television and radio channels has been developed by members of the Presidential Administration, the Central and the VGTRK. In February 2009, a document introduced in the State Duma of Russian Federation President Dmitry Medvedev. The law, both houses of Parliament approved, it will enter into force on 26 May.
The opposition has repeatedly complained that United Russia has better access to public broadcast media. 5 Nov., 2008 that the political forces should be guaranteed equal access to state media, said in his message to the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

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