Thursday, May 14, 2009

A journalist was fined for materials on torture in the colonies.

Journalistic material defenders of torture in the Russian colonies declared unreliable. That was reported by RIA Novosti on Thursday, May 14.
Kirovsky Volgograd regional court on Wednesday, May 13, recognized human rights and journalist Elena Maglevannuyu, publish materials on torture in Russian prisons, is guilty of disseminating false information, tarnishing the honor and dignity of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), the Russian Federation.
As reported by RIA Novosti, the reason for the trial was the claim of treatment and correctional institution No. 15 of the General Directorate FSIN RF for the Volgograd region of Helen Maglevannoy to publish material of torture the convicted Chechen Zubayr Zubayraeva entitled "Fate of Chechens in Russian prisons, torture of prisoners Chechen continued, "torture in Russian prisons." Articles published on the site Maglevannoy "Civitas - Journal of Civil Society."
According to the FSIN RF for the Volgograd region, Kirovsky People's Court found these materials do not correspond to reality, ordered the journalist to publish a refutation and pay for the FSIN fine of 200 thousand rubles.
Sobesednik agency noted that the goal Maglevannoy and supports human rights defenders has been translate convict Zubayraeva to Chechnya to continue serving their sentences. FSIN representative stated that Article 81 of the Penal Enforcement Code requires translation only in exceptional cases, including for the personal safety of the accused. Therefore, in the opinion of the representative office, Maglevannaya sought to persuade every instance, that the threat to life and health Zubayraeva there that do not correspond to reality.
"By the way, the convict will soon leave the Volgograd Region, as well as the decision of the court, he transferred to the prison regime, and in the Volgograd region do not have facilities such regime," - added the representative of FSIN.

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