Friday, May 15, 2009

Party canceled debts to the media.

May 15, the State Duma adopted on first reading a bill absolving the political parties lost the election to the Parliament of debts to the media, Interfax reports.
Deputies released the political parties of the responsibilities for hosting the pre-election campaign for election to the Lower House of Parliament in December 2007.
Recall that under the current legislation of the political parties participating in elections, have the opportunity of free advertising materials to broadcast television and radio, and print media. In the event that the party gaining 3 per cent of the vote, the cost of this advertising offset them from the state budget.
However, 8 out of 11 political organizations that participated in the elections 2 December 2007, have not been able to overcome trehprotsentny barrier - they have something and are having problems with payment of the advertising campaign.
Their total debt to the media at this time is more than a billion rubles.
In the list of the main defaulter previously been party Yabloko, "Civilian Power", Agrarian Party, the Democratic Party and Union of Right Forces. Note that the five parties, four of these no longer exist, the survivors remained only party Yabloko.

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