Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Evening Standard apologized to Londoners.

KommentariiEsche not Evening16.01.2009Biznesmen Alexander Lebedev could buy the Evening Standard newspaper in just one pound
   In London, launched an advertising campaign newspaper Evening Standard, has bought the Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev for a symbolic sum. This May 5, reports Reuters.
As a promotion on the streets of the British capital have black panels, where white letters written by various options for an apology, for example - "Forgive us for the loss of connection" ( "Sorry for losing touch"), "Forgive us for pessimism" ( "Sorry for being negative ")," Forgive us for predictability "(" Sorry for being predictable ").
These slogans were written on the basis of a special study in which social scientists have found relevant to Londoners Evening Standard. The advertising campaign will last three weeks, after which the newspaper will be updated.
Lebedev has acquired a controlling stake Evening Standard in January 2009. At that time, the publication founded 181 years ago, was a loss. According to some reports, the group Daily Mail & General Trust Lebedev ceded 75.1 percent of shares in a single edition of the pound sterling.

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