Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The journalist escaped a fine for killing fish shampoo.

Danish telezhurnalistka Lisbeth Klester May 19, was found guilty of cruelty to animals and violations of the laws of the experiments on animals, reported AFP.Sud convictions, but decided not to punish the journalist, as an offense for by Lisbeth Klester threatened to fine, was committed by it in 2004. Then Klester experiment poured in aquarium fish with twelve guppi of dandruff shampoo. Within three days, all fish but one died, that, from the viewpoint of the journalist, to prove the toxicity of shampoo.
Saw the program filed a complaint against a veterinarian Klester. He claimed that fish feel fear and die a long and painful. The Court agreed with his arguments.
Counsel Klester expected that telezhurnalistka will be fully justified. He claimed that the animals are killed, and in other cases: for example, cooks, boil the crustaceans alive who does not bear the responsibility.

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