Monday, May 18, 2009

Was the latest issue of Business Weekly Smart Money.

KommentariiNe time umnichat08.05.2009Delovoy Smart Money magazine closed because of the crisis and nevostrebovannosti18 May sales received the latest issue of Business Weekly Smart Money. The main reason for the closure of the magazine, which published Independent Media, a decrease in the number of advertisements, resulting in a significant reduction in income. The magazine was published in March 2006.
In an article published in the latest issue of Smart Money, says that the log earnings for the first four months of this year amounted to 20 million rubles. In this edition the publisher was costing twice the price. According to the analytical center "Video International", publishes a weekly advertising revenues in the first quarter of 2009 declined by half - to 300 million rubles.
Previously, the general director of Smart Money and a member of the Board of Directors of the publishing house Independent Media Michael Dubik said that the publishing house is considering the idea of launching a new monthly devoted to private investment. Perhaps, this monthly will be called Smart Money.
Business Smart Money magazine came out every Monday, circulation 50 thousand copies. In February 2007, SmartMoney left his first editor-in-chief, Leonid Bershidsky, converted to the post of managing director of investment bank KIT Finance. " After Bershidskogo second and the last chief editor was appointed Alexander Malyutin.
A more detailed biography of the journal written by his staff, you can read the article "commercial breaks", which is included in the latest issue Smart Money.
It should be noted that Bershidsky now occupies the post of chief editor of Internet project, on business topics. Officially, the new web portal began on Monday, 18 May. The staff there are several former journalists Smart Money. In particular, Yuri Granovsky - a former deputy chief editor of the magazine Smart Money.

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