Friday, May 29, 2009

"Our radio station was allowed to continue moving.

   Radio station "Nashe radio" was allowed to continue to move to a new building. About RIA Novosti 29 May, the director of Moscow Business Center "at Spartakovskaya Andrei Yeremeyev.
The evening of May 28, the radio station management announced that the protection of the business center at Spartakovskaya "does not make the radio equipment from the building, moves to new premises. Director of our radio "Mikhail Zotov suggested that in such a way radios take revenge for the rejection of the lease. Zotov said that the radio has no debt to the former landlord.
As explained on May 29 Andrey Eremeev, radio, warned the leadership not a business center that is going to continue to May 28, began last week, the removal of property. According to Eremeeeva, when the territory of the center unexpectedly entered the truck and the building began to make things, "protection, for obvious reasons, blocked the export of the expensive equipment." Now misunderstanding clarified, and the station will be able to resume the export of the property is already on 29 May.
Yeremeyev said that to avoid a repetition of the conflict business center will offer "our radio" agree on a schedule for moving.
Refused to provide the secretariat of our radio station in an interview with RIA Novosti correspondent confirmed the Eremeeva, saying that "we do not retain." When asked about the posted on the official website of the radio news release, entitled "Our Radio hostage", he replied that nothing does not know. "Of course, I look, there on our site, but I repeat: we have everything" - said the agency interlocutor.

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