Monday, May 4, 2009

Georgian opposition exhibited "corridors of shame" for journalists.

SyuzhetyOppozitsiya seeks resignation Saakashvili03.05.2009Tbilisi an hour otrezhut of Georgia, Tbilisi resumed picket line in front of Public TV of Georgia, Interfax reports. Georgian television journalists working in the telecentre, get to work alive through "corridors of shame", built from the opposition and the cells represent cells.
As a result of problems with the entrance of the premises are not only members of the Georgian state television, but also workers in other media, located in the building.
Picket plan to hold for a few hours after the opposition announced plans for further action. So far, the strengthened protection of the building by police and television spetsna.
The opposition blames the public television in biased assessment of the events in Tbilisi.
Recall that the opposition protests started in Tbilisi on 9 April. Representatives of about a half dozen parties demand the resignation of Mikhail Saakashvili. Opposition promise not to stop the mass action until the resignation of the president.

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