Thursday, May 21, 2009

Google refused to absorb the newspapers.

Google has decided not to cross the line between technology and content "and refused the idea of buying the newspaper, which was seen in the recent past. This was in an interview with Financial Times said the executive director of Google, Eric Schmidt.
Rumors that Google intends to enter the market of suppliers of information content, circulated for a long time. But Schmidt said that the acquisition of media companies would have been too expensive, and it would incur a greater risk. The company will continue to work with publishers to improve their sites and make them more attractive to advertisers.
The head of Google expressed confidence that the provision of paid access to the news is futile: the reader simply will not pay for them. Schmidt said that the toll could be just some kind of exclusive or special information.
Earlier, the head of Google told reporters that the company is not going to buy migroblogersky resource Twitter. In doing so, Schmidt admitted that the strategic alliance between the two companies is possible.

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