Monday, May 18, 2009

Leonid Bershidsky, opened a business "factory of opinion."

On Monday, May 18, started working a new web portal dedicated to business topics, As reported at the site of publication, will not "produce news articles, the emphasis will be placed on the views and comments."
Apart from the chief editor of the project by Leonid Bershidskogo (organizer startups Vedomosti, as well as the Russian version of Newsweek magazine, and Forbes) in the new project team included: Alexander Gordeev (one of the founders of the newspaper Vedomosti), Yuri Granovsky (former deputy chief editor of the magazine Smart Money ), Dmitry Kuznetsov (worked as chief editor of the journal "Russian Newsweek" with Leonid Parfenov) Olga Romanova (formerly Glavred "Business Week Russia") and other journalists.
The website edition reported that the name "" - not an abbreviation, and each reader can make up for themselves the best version of his decoding. The authors project associated with the choice of the name Sufi parable of the blind encountered an elephant, and separated in the views that he is.
The sponsors announced that - this is a kind of "factory of opinion" about the economy, business, politics and the life of the middle class. The views of "produce" newsmakers, journalists, bloggers and staffing the project. The creators of the portal believe that in RuNet no shortage of news articles, but there is a shortage of "clearly expressed views about what is happening."

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