Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Son Lucenko demanded Bild refute the article on drunken debauch.

KommentariiPohmele12.05.2009Alkogolny incident in Frankfurt turned into a nightmare KieveKak became known publication "Kommersant-Ukraine", the son of Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko, Alexander filed a complaint to the German newspaper Bild, published article on drunken debauch, which father and son allegedly arranged on the night of May 5 at the airport Frankfuta-am-Main.
According to Article Bild, Ukrainian Minister and his 19-year-old son were detained by police during a brawl, which is arranged with the staff of both airlines, who did not want to put them on board the aircraft. According to the publication, following the detention of the father and son found in the blood alcohol content at three thousand. This level is reached after the consumption of approximately 700 grams of vodka.
In his statement, Alexander Lutsenko states that are not thrown in the police cell phone, how to write the newspaper, and has not been tested for blood alcohol. In doing so, the plaintiff contends that there has been drinking and was not drunk.
Requirements son of the Minister are to Bild withdrew an electronic version of a note on the incident from your site, and published an appropriate rebuttal.
Previously, it was reported that Yuriy Lutsenko has also sent a lawsuit against the newspaper Bild. According to the Minister, the fight was triggered by the airport staff, who ill-treated by members of Ukrainian delegation. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine did not confirmed the conflict.
Meanwhile, it became known as "Kommersant-Ukraine", the prosecutor's office in the Land Court of Frankfurt has refused to conduct a preliminary inquiry in respect of the Heads of Ukraine and his son.

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