Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jokes of the assassination of Obama against the backdrop of the White House acknowledged racist.

The Canadian regulator accepted the joke about the color of Barak Obama in the New Year transfer comedy Bye Bye inappropriate, offensive and racist, reports Sky News. To the Board of the Broadcasting Standards Authority (The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council) has more than 200 complaints.
The program of French-speaking channel, Radio Canada network, commenting on the election of Barak Obama, one of the leaders said that this is a very practical step. "We are not racists. Negro in the White House - it was good. Black on white is better seen, it will be easier to shoot."
Moreover, the show was presented to the interview in which Obama portrayed one of the actors. The leader told him that "you're black, everything looks the same and advised viewers to hide away their wallets.
The Board felt that these statements violated the standards of Canadian broadcasting, but the producers of the show with the accusations in his address is not accepted. The report did not mention what sanctions will be taken against the prankster.

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