Thursday, May 21, 2009

A foreign cable channels check.

Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communication (Roskomnadzor) intends to take control of broadcasting of foreign channels on cable television. This says "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on Thursday, May 21.
Chapter Roskomnadzora Sergey Sitnikov said on Wednesday, May 20, which is likely to require foreign companies make in the territory of Russia branches or representative, to register them as the media and to obtain a license to broadcast.
As noted by Sitnikov, some foreign channels have gained popularity, but still do not have a license to work in Russia's cable networks. However, Roskomnadzor will not take hard action and impair the interests of the audience. But, perhaps as early as 2009, the foreign broadcasting will enter into the legal field. Russian channels, explained Sitnikov, bear the financial risk, the cost of licensing, while their foreign colleagues are bypassed. Moreover, from cable operators, they receive a lot of money.
In turn, GAZETA.GZT.RU cites the words of the head office: "The most offensive to me that this is a good channel, for example, Animal Planet, Discovery. They solve the many socio-cultural challenges and managed to catch the fancy audience." According to Roskomnadzor to hold negotiations with Western partners, primarily with the management of the canals. "However tough we are not going to cut," - added Sitnikov.
As the "Russian Newspaper", it is also the licensing and mobile television. Now, for example, in Moscow there are three operators, who are developing this service. Sitnikov said that most likely they will be issued a license, similar to cable networks. Chapter Roskomnadzora explained that these channels may appear as an official record of the media, without competitive bidding. Sitnikov also noted that this service does not have a regulatory framework, and it will develop.

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