Saturday, May 23, 2009

Programs leading scandalous "BBC" will be broadcast in the record.

Programs known scandalous escapades radioveduschego "BBC" by Jonathan Ross will now go on the air in the record, said The Guardian.
This decision was taken by the leadership of Radio 2 after a 48-year-old leader made a live joke rastsenennye as homophobic.
The first transmission of Ross in a recording will be aired on May 22.
In October 2008, Jonathan Ross was suspended for three months from the ether of the scandal that erupted after he and another leader - Russell Brand - left several obscene messages on the answering machine on the older British actor Andrew Sachs. As a result of the incident Russell Brand resigned from his radio, but "the BBC and Jonathan Ross apologized actor.
After the return of Jonathan Ross in the studio to the lead once again began to receive complaints from listeners.
In April 2009, the corporation "the BBC has paid a fine of 150 thousand pounds sterling for obscene jokes delivered Brando and Russia on the air in October 2008.

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