Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Putin became the columnist "Russian pioneer.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for the first time in his career wrote a column for the Russian media reports said. The submission, which will be released on 29 May in the journal "Russian pioneer" under the heading "Why is difficult to dismiss a person," Putin told his experience separations.
According to the prime minister to the staff changes should be treated with caution and to avoid hasty conclusions. "Sometimes it seems from that person simply drives a broom. But I assure you that this is not always true. Do not tarnish for the human eye can not be dismissed and to throw out just because someone has something for you said about this man ... I am too well aware that in such cases is often a difficult political fight, "- says Putin.
Premier stressed that always solves the staffing issues in person. "I usually cause people to the cabinet and directly face to face, I say: there are specific claims - such and such. If you think that this is not true, not true, please, you can deal with this challenge," -- Prime notes.
However, he expressed the belief that permanent changes are harmful, as people came to the new post, always takes time to get started. "And most importantly: I clearly understand that others who came to the scene of laid-off will be the same as their predecessors: someone will know the crux of the problem is worse, some better, some do not understand what will not. As a result, the same will be the same as it was, if not worse, "- said Putin.
Magazine "Russian pioneer" for which the chairman of the Russian Government, wrote a column, began publication in February 2008. Editor-in-Chief is the Kremlin correspondent of Kommersant "Andrei Kolesnikov. He told RIA Novosti that a while ago, editors turned to Putin with a request to write a column for the magazine. "It is not denied to us," - said Kolesnikov.
Formerly Vladimir Putin has tried himself as a journalist. In 2006, the London newspaper The Financial Times was published his article "Europe has nothing to fear Russia's aspirations" (Europe has nothing to fear from Russia's aspirations), which Putin has spent the relations between Russia and the EU.

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