Friday, May 1, 2009

Sarah Peylin appeared in the reality show about motorcycles.

The governor of Alaska, on Thursday appeared on the air of one of the American reality show, told the channel Fox News. Spectators were able to see a meeting with Paul Sarah Peylin Tattlom (Paul Teutul) - leading the transfer of motorcycles American Chopper, which goes to the educational television channel TLC.
In the broadcast American Chopper Tattl and his son Paul Jr. Tattl order to make original motorcycles. Father and son came to Alaska to discuss the creation of a new "chopper" in honor of 50 anniversary of the state. Talking with Tattlom-chief in his office, Peylin thanked him for his patriotism. Fox News notes that Peylin while sat on a chair, drape skin a bear killed by her father.
It is not the first meeting between the woman politician with a leading American Chopper. In 2008, when Peylin was a candidate for vice-presidents of the Republicans, she met with both Tvittlami, presented a special motorcycle Republican favorite John McCain.
Meeting Peylin Tattla and filmed on Wednesday, and on the same day at the Governor's personal page on a service mikroblogov Twitter. Representative Peylin famously Sharon (Sharon Leighow) explained that the Governor shall publish a message to the service of their own. At the time of this writing, at Peylin more than 11,5 thousand readers.

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